Roe vs Wade Case


The Roe vs Wade judgement in United States of America in 1973 granted women the right to an abortion before the foetus is viable outside the womb, or before the 24-28 week mark. This judgement established a right of the woman to her own body.

However, the Supreme Court of United States overruled the right to abortion which was a constitutional right on June 24, 2022. 

This has polarised opinions across the globe and including the USA. Individual states will now consider the right to abortion, which have been available to women for almost two generations.

According to the Gutt Macher Institute, out of 50 at least 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion and in about 14 states, the ban comes into effect quickly.

Written by Ridhi Goyal
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Anti-Corruption or Defending Corruption


What basically is corruption? Do you know about it?

We can say that Corruption is dishonest conduct by persons in positions of authority, such managers or government representatives. Corruption can take many different forms, such as offering or taking bribes or inappropriate gifts, double-dealing, shady business dealings, election rigging, money laundering, and investor fraud.

Now what is Anti-Corruption?

Anti-corruption is stopping corruption in legal ways, it can be done by implementing various anti-corruption laws, it can be reduced to certain level. But there is always a chance that in some part may be larger or local level corruption is taking place. We cannot truly remove corruption from our society especially in our Indian society. 

Written by Lakshay Kumar Kashyap
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Hindi Film songs of the 21st Century: The Change


‘Music is the strongest form of magic’ this quote by Marilyn Manson will make seven billion nods. But the magic formula has to be different for everyone. In the context of Hindi film songs, the magic formula has changed and evolved with time. Let’s understand the change. 

Composition – Moderately complex to simple. Composition means the elements that make up a song which includes harmony, instruments, rhythm, melody, and lyrics. If it’s too complex, most human brains excluding the musicians wouldn’t be able to absorb it and might consider it as noise, but if it’s a little complex, the arrangements are done well, then it could be turned into something beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with simple composition, there are thousands of beautiful songs with simple compositions, but making a song with complex composition takes effort and a high level of creativity.  And music makers are also humans who like to make efforts only if their efforts are appreciated. With time, the composition is becoming simpler and simpler every few years, because that’s what the masses like to listen to today.

Written by Saumya Sinha
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