Food and their Permutation and Combination


Coming out of the museum, discussing food and where to find it. We were sharing different ideas about where to eat and what to eat. My friend told me about the food trends that have been in vogue recently.

Out of curiosity, we asked him more. Then he took us to the heart of Delhi, that is, Connaught Place, and ordered four plates of chocolate. Maggie is not something to eat but to feel. It has an essence of its own. Many hostels and college life depend on Maggie. After hearing about the order, we were already disgusted by what we thought were these stupid combinations of Maggie and chocolate. After trying that thing, it was such a miserable experience for us that I can’t even describe it. How can you mix Maggie with something sweet? Anyway, we had pasta and burgers after that. 

Recently, there has been a trend in India for combinations and innovations in food. Many chefs try and invent different dishes that are both professional and delicious. But when the same thing is tried by a small restaurant owner, it becomes hard to eat. Just because it is cheaper than going to the restaurant, most people are attracted to it. 



Fanta Maggie is also one thing in this world that is becoming famous day by day. In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a street vendor is selling Fanta Maggie for 30 rupees only.  You can see huge gathering outside his shop. His small twist in the recipe made the neighbors crazy. A food vlogger also uploaded a video on the internet, and there was also an article in The Indian Express.


Streat Style Fanta Maggi Recipe | Fanta Maggi | Maggi Recipe - YouTube



Let me ask you a question. Do you like pakoras? And what types of pakoras do you like the most? How many types of pakoras have you heard of? We are pretty sure you must have tried aaloo pakoras, bread pakoras, gobhi pakoras, etc. One can guarantee that you have not heard of the Oreo pakoras. A street vendor from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, started this fusion snack for the kids who are crazy for Oreos. 

Oreo Pakora upsets Social Media Users | DESIblitz



One thing that even foreigners try to come to India and is always talked about in every festive season, whether it be a wedding, Diwali or Rakhi. The dish is pronounced differently in different states, that is, Pani Puri in Maharashtra and the Southern States, Gol Gappe in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Puchka in West Bengal and many others. But Puchka with chocolate is something that no one wants to even imagine. Yet it is becoming a trend day by day.


 Paan originated from the Sanskrit word 'Parna', which means leaf. It is also known as betel leaf and is nearly 5000 years old, with roots dating back to the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Ayurveda considers betel a powerful means of curing health issues. It acts as a mouth freshener, an antiseptic, and helps with digestive aid. Paan was never the fancy type of food item that people enjoy eating. Because of social media and foodies who experimented with various types of paan, it is now considered one of the most exotic food items at any event. It is now served in many flavours, like fire pan, chocolate paan, ice paan, and many more. Paan may have lost its true purpose and essence, but the cultural and medical values are still associated with it.

Fire-Paan - Fire Paan Retailer from Bhubaneswar


Different food combinations really make us think that we are running out of ideas. Is this the best that human nature is capable of thinking? Chocolate Maggie or Fire Pan? Is our taste really gone? Why are we making these weird combos? We always worry about hygiene. Yes, some food combinations may be good and delicious, but many of them are as bad as they sound in hygiene and in taste.



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