Spiritualism: A Catalyst to Mental Wellbeing


In today’s time everyone is trying to live a century worth of life experience within a decade. The aspiration like this at times might take you to an edge, so we all need a break every once in a while. People often go on vacations to exotic locations in order to relax, indulge in food and reckless consumption, binge watching, splurge on luxuries of time. Though these resorts might relax the physical body and refuse the acknowledgement of the emotional state and lend in a break through escapism. But how do you relax your mind and soul? This is where spiritualism comes into play.

Spiritualism is a broad spectrum that encompasses a plethora of practices. Being spiritual holds different meaning for different people. For some it means to connect with themselves, for others it may serve as a connect with a higher intelligence.

The phenomenon when individuals survive the deaths of their bodies by ascending into a spirit like existence is called spiritualism. It establishes a link between human existence and Karma with the belief that a person’s condition after death is directly related to the moral quality of their human existence.

According to Britannica, “Spiritualism, in religion, a movement based on the belief that departed souls can interact with the living”. It is a system of belief that a soul survives after the death of the physical body and these disembodied spirits are both willing and able to communicate with the living, especially through mediums. 

Spirituality is also a concept where its achievement lies upon the oneness of the soul to any higher power. It is completely dedicated to human souls. It is an experience that creates a system of personal beliefs when searching for the meaning of life. 

The main idea behind spiritualism is the power and knowledge it gives to people. This practice revolves around the idea that ultimate liberation can happen with acquiring knowledge. 

The people who follow spiritualism are known as spiritualists. According to spiritualists, death does not mark the final point of judgment for a spirit. They believe that even souls have the capacity to learn, grow, and evolve after death to progressively higher planes of knowledge and perfection. They understand God as an “infinite intelligence”. They also believe that God holds each soul accountable for their actions and life choices. The variety of spiritual beliefs and customs are as varied as the people who practice them. One thing they all have in common is the range of effects it can have on our mental wellbeing  

Spirituality affects the decisions you make on a daily basis. It encourages you to have better relationships with yourself, others and the unknown. It helps you deal with stress by giving you a sense of peace, purpose and forgiveness.

The practice of spirituality enhances your individuality all the while providing you with a sense of self and empowerment. It focuses on your individual connection to what you believe in and your personal growth. It makes you secure and confident from within. 

Spirituality is accepting of any person, whether they are a part of a religion or not. This provides you with a sense of comfort and belongingness. It offers you a type of solace. A much-needed break from the hustle-bustle of your daily life. It acts as a hassle-free zone where you can introspect and concentrate on healing from the inside. 

It also encourages meditation and self-reflection. You get to learn a lot about yourself through this and evolve as a self-aware person. This in turn leads to a meaningful life philosophy where self-actualisation and self-discovery play a major role. It makes you more accountable and accepting of your own self and hence brings you at peace with your soul. This way, you can observe your decision-making pattern, reflect on your habits and make better decisions.

Spirituality reunites you with your surroundings. And by doing so, it renews your sense of belonging in the world. It inspires appreciation and awareness of your interaction with the physical environment. Not only does it make you feel more connected to your surroundings but it also helps you establish a sort of bond with other forms of life which makes you more empathetic and thankful towards life. 

Spirituality also induces an attitude of gratitude in you. It makes you more thankful as for what you have and what is being sent your way. This makes you more sensitive towards peculiar things of daily life that you'd otherwise not pay much attention to. It also provides you with optimism to look forward to things in life

A huge part of spirituality is the act of forgiving. It can be forgiving yourself for what you did to others or to your own self too. It can also pan on to forgiving others. The main idea behind this practice is to let go of the hurt and bad feelings specifically so that they cannot affect you more than they already have.

Spiritualism does not have a set of guidelines to follow but it does help you figure out a more disciplined way of living through the practice of identifying your challenges and life lessons that you learned through those very challenges.

You can find the answer to even the most peculiar things on the internet but if there is something that you cannot  find on any search engine is peace from within and that is exactly what spiritualism offers.


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