Facebook is now Meta, says Mark Zuckerberg, changes company name


"Facebook is now Meta," Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said. He spoke about the social media giant's vision for the metaverse in a keynote livestream event.

"Metaverse will have richer ways to connect," Zuckerberg said during the live video link as he described the metaverse virtual concept as a way to "connect with people".

He informed how "gaming" will change in the metaverse with a more "immersive experience".

“The last few years have been humbling for me and our company in a lot of ways,” the Facebook chief conceded as he introduced “a social version of home” where users can “jump into apps” with other avatars.

"Work from anywhere" as a concept was high on the metaverse horizon, Zuckerberg explained. He said access to jobs for people will a "gamechanger".

"Metaverse is the next frontier," Zuckerberg said.

(With inputs from agencies)


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