UP Govt To Bring Policy To Eliminate Single-Point Electric Supply To High-Rise Apartments


Noida: Consumers at high-rise apartments in Uttar Pradesh will now breathe a sigh of relief as the state government is planning introduce a new policy which is expected to remove anomaly in electric supply chain to high-rise apartments and end erratic billings.

Shrikant Sharma, minister of power in Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday told that the government will soon announce the policy through which the current practices, which was brought by his predecessors, would be phased out. He said that the state power regulatory commission is discussing over the draft policy and it would be finalised shortly.

He assured that the new policy will have provision allowing consumers at high-rise apartments to have direct electric supply from the distribution corporations and pay bill to the government. He said that currently the high-rise apartments are being given single point bulk connection and the society is authorized to allot sub-connections to fellow residents in and collect payments of power consumptions from them.

Minister said that he has received complaints from residents in Ghaziabad in which complainants informed him that the society impose inflated power tariff on bills. He said that once the new policy will be in place, residents will be relieved from the harassments they have been facing.    

Residents have lodged complaints with power distribution corporations that these developers were not transparent as far as levying of power tariff and charges for installing electric unit reading meters and increasing the supply loads are concerned.


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