Food and their Permutation and Combination


Coming out of the museum, discussing food and where to find it. We were sharing different ideas about where to eat and what to eat. My friend told me about the food trends that have been in vogue recently.

Out of curiosity, we asked him more. Then he took us to the heart of Delhi, that is, Connaught Place, and ordered four plates of chocolate. Maggie is not something to eat but to feel. It has an essence of its own. Many hostels and college life depend on Maggie. After hearing about the order, we were already disgusted by what we thought were these stupid combinations of Maggie and chocolate. After trying that thing, it was such a miserable experience for us that I can’t even describe it. How can you mix Maggie with something sweet? Anyway, we had pasta and burgers after that. 

Recently, there has been a trend in India for combinations and innovations in food. Many chefs try and invent different dishes that are both professional and delicious. But when the same thing is tried by a small restaurant owner, it becomes hard to eat. Just because it is cheaper than going to the restaurant, most people are attracted to it. 

Written by Akshay Kumar Kashyap
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Food is something that not only works as a fuel for the human body but also there is a very significant relationship between the human body and the food. The fundamental building block of nutritional metabolism is our relationship with food.  It is up to us how we see our relationship with food and use it to cure or treat problems we are facing, for instance a person who is on diet will always look for healthy and low-calorie food and those who are not conscious of food choices, they eat whatever they find and like. Our relationship with food is connected to our brains and thoughts. Scholars say that our diet choices may help us to improve our mood and thoughts. By just eating good or eating enough we can control our self-elements such as calmness, focusing power, thoughts, energy, behaviour, and much more. Among other factors, our diet plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of life.  

Written by Kanishka
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Italian Cuisine: A Way to The Soul


Italy is not only famous for its peaceful and beautiful islands, art, culture, architecture but also for its variety of food and cuisine. And, it has global market. In India also Italian cuisines are famous and people savor them.   

Making authentic Italian cuisine is an art and truly a culinary experience. Italians enjoy this leisurely art of many courses with a great combination of aromas, flavors, colors and textures. Plating plays an important role in Italian cuisine, the cheese, tomato, oregano and basil leaves on the top of your favorite Pasta or a one pot rice meal makes it even more tempting.

Written by Tejal Jain
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Spiritualism: A Catalyst to Mental Wellbeing


In today’s time everyone is trying to live a century worth of life experience within a decade. The aspiration like this at times might take you to an edge, so we all need a break every once in a while. People often go on vacations to exotic locations in order to relax, indulge in food and reckless consumption, binge watching, splurge on luxuries of time. Though these resorts might relax the physical body and refuse the acknowledgement of the emotional state and lend in a break through escapism. But how do you relax your mind and soul? This is where spiritualism comes into play.

Spiritualism is a broad spectrum that encompasses a plethora of practices. Being spiritual holds different meaning for different people. For some it means to connect with themselves, for others it may serve as a connect with a higher intelligence.

Written by Aarti Singh
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Vinod Dua: Man of many talents, always proud of what he did


New Delhi For the Indian media, 1980s was the decade of remarkable jump from print to television. The coming of the colour television and the first direct telecast of the election results was a watershed moment. During this decade two figures came to be closely associated with Indian television – Prannoy Roy and Vinod Dua.

While Roy emerged the anchor for the educated, and he remains that way, Dua was the man of the masses. The two together did the psephology shows and poll result analysis bulletins on Doordarshan, which then enjoyed a monopoly. Roy may have drafted Dua as the translator of his analysis made in English into Hindi, Dua held his own and emerged as more than a mere translator.

Written by Sidharth Mishra
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