Face Mask To Hydrate Your Skin This Winter

New Delhi: During the cold season, skin tends to become dry. Besides using cold creams, dry and flaking skin can be repaired with different hydrating masks suitable for different types of skin. Indulge yourself in overnight masks, masks with superfood and sheet masks.
Along with slathering on a daily moisturizer, quench your skin with a weekly face mask for a much-needed dose of hydration. Facial masks can be an excellent part of gentle skin care for dry skin during the winter.
Overnight masks work while you sleep and give extra boost of hydration to the skin. Such masks fight with the dry skin, which is mainly caused by wind and the cold weather. Overnight masks can do wonders, if the same is applied correctly.

Drug which lowers deadly Huntington’s disease protein in brain found

New Delhi:In a 'ground-breaking' development, scientists have developed a drug that can treat Huntington's disease by lowering the level of the harmful protein in the nervous system.

Huntington's disease is characterised by the progressive loss of nerve cells in the brain. This fatal disorder is caused by a hereditary defect in a single gene.

The first drug targeting the cause of Huntington’s disease was safe and well-tolerated in its first human trial led by UCL scientists. It successfully lowered the level of the harmful huntingtin protein in the nervous system.


A New Smart Phone Case To Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level

New Delhi: Over the last few years, smart phone manufacturers and app developers have been pioneering technology that suggests a shift in the role that mobile devices play in their users’ lives. 

They are now trying their way harder for re-imagining the phone as an important health tool as well as a communication device. And, the latest breakthrough in this field, by engineers at the University of California San Diego, will enable diabetes patients to monitor their glucose levels, whether they're at home or on the go.

Currently, checking blood sugar levels can be a hassle for people with diabetes, especially when they have to pack their glucose monitoring kits around with them every time they leave the house.


In A New Experiment, Scientists Develop A Portable Gel That Could Save An Injured Eye

New Delhi: When eye injury strikes, the time needed to rush patients to proper care becomes crucial.

Now, researchers say there may be a quick way to seal severe eye injuries until they can be treated by doctors.

A new type of temperature-sensitive gel, which can protect a wounded eyeball and then later be removed with cold water, could be vital in saving the vision of people who get injured a long way from the nearest medical facilities; says scientists.

The liquid has been developed with soldiers in mind – because when a soldier sustains a traumatic eye injury on the battlefield, it's a race against time to get them treated before eye damage becomes permanent.


Know These Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery In Winter

New Delhi: Jaggery, also known as “Gur’ in hindi comes with loads of health benefits along with a very delicious sweet flavor. In India, Jaggery is used as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes. Besides, there are many food items made using jaggery instead of sugar to promote health. The health benefits of jaggery are immense and eating a small piece of 'gur' after a meal everyday post meals can do wonders for your health.

Jaggery also becomes an essential food item during winters especially after lunch. Let’s understand the benefits of including jaggery in your diet.