Bill Gates’s Real Life Hero Not Alone In Fighting Polio

New Delhi: The spread of Polio might have been halted in India since 2011 but the after effects of the disease still remain. One of the people fighting the ravages of this disease is Dr Matthew Varghese. This orthopaedic expert has caught the attention of Bill Gates, no less, with the work he has done with polio patients in Delhi.

The founder of Microsoft recently wrote about Dr Matthew Varghese in his blog,GatesNotes, calling him one of the five persons in the world who he thinks is a real-life hero. Dr Varghese, who runs India's only polio ward, at St Stephen's Hospital in old Delhi, wants his ward emptied of patients and so devotes all his time to the rehabilitation of men and women who have been afflicted with polio.


Avoidable Cancer Deaths Cost India $6.7bn In 2012

New Delhi: India may have low cancer rates as compared to western nations but it accounts for among the highest premature and avoidable deaths due to the disease, according to a study.

 India and Brics colleagues Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa lose tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity due to cancer deaths.

Everyone's work contributes to the economy, and not working represents a loss to society. 

A study was undertaken as part of the European Short- Term Scientific Mission to assess the loss of productivity in Brics countries on account of cancer. It found that India recorded a total productivity loss of $6.7 billion in 2012 due to cancer, representing 0.36% of the GDP that year. This was second only to South Africa's, which recorded a loss of $1.9 billion, amounting to almost 0.5% of its GDP.


Love To Do Hair Styling? Here Are Its Side Effects And Tips To Prevent Hair From Damage

New Delhi: Blow-drying, Curling, and Straightening! It's no secret that hot tools have become an invaluable resource when it comes to taming otherwise unruly strands.

Straightening and curling can make your hair look lustrous and beautiful. A touch of iron can transform frizzy curls into straight and silky hair and vice-a-versa. The makeover looks so beautiful that we do that without even knowing about its side effects. It is important to be aware of the right technique as well as its side effects.


Cancer Screening After A Certain Age Should Be Made Mandatory: Naidu

New Delhi: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has pitched for making cancer screening after a certain age mandatory in the country.

Addressing a graduation ceremony at the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, he also called for greater emphasis on inventing strategies in the battle against cancer.

"Two-thirds of advanced cancer cases are preventable.

Therefore, early detection and treatment are the need of the hour. The government should make it mandatory after a particular age for cancer screening. A healthy nation can become (a) wealthy nation," Naidu said.


Add Sesame Seeds In Your Diet for These Benefits

New Delhi: Winters are here and so are the winter special foods. Sesame seeds or tilis an indispensable part of Indian winters since time immemorial. Prized in Ayurveda for its ability to generate heat and energy in the body and its beauty and hair benefits, sesame seeds are loaded with nutrition that makes it a must-have in your winter diet.

Sesame seeds provide multiple benefits because of their high levels of calcium and magnesium. They also contain iron and phosphorous, manganese, zinc, and copper. They are tiny but they're high in fiber too.