India, Germany to collaborate in alternative medicine

India and Germany will collaborate in the field of alternative medicine, the government said on Wednesday. The two nation have worked together on treating osteoarthritis with ayurveda.
The collaboration is bound to enhance employment in the country.
An official statement read: "The Union Cabinet has approved a Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) between Germany and India regarding cooperation in the sector of alternative medicine." 


Ending stunt over heart stents

The announcement of policy to cap the price of coronary stents by the central government is truly historic and path-breaking in the health care sector. Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) causing heart attacks leading to untimely deaths have steeply increased in the country. CAD is no more the disease of rich, even poor are getting affected by this. Apart from other risk factors, the people without any history of excessive-smoking or drinking bear the brunt of heart attack, due to fast-paced life-style and work-profile which can cause tremendous stress leading to various life-style diseases.


An entire generation has become dependent: First person account of Syrian war

Dr Chandni Maheshwari, a neuro-anesthesiologist, has just returned from her six-week mission from the city of Al Ramtha in Jordan, close to the South Syrian border where an ongoing civil war has left many critically injured. For the time being, the Jordan government is allowing patients to enter its border with Syria. Doctors Beyond Borders’s clinic in Al Ramtha is able to treat these patients from Syria free of cost.