At Wimbledon the mystic connect between tennis, strawberries and cream

New Delhi: While there are four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis, one in particular stands above the rest. Celebrating its 140th birthday in 2017, here are some of the most interesting facts about the Wimbledon culture.
Although much has changed since the Wimbledon Championships were first introduced in 1887, today when we think of Wimbledon fortnight there are a number of traditional images that still spring to mind. The obligatory strawberries and cream, the white or almost all white dress code and the strong ties with the Royal families; all of which combined continue to preserve Wimbledon’s place both in British heritage and at the forefront of the tennis world.



School Corner

“Twice a day, right after meals.With milk or with water! Don’t take empty stomach. Punctuality plays a vital role when you are on medications. This makes medicines more painful than the disease itself.”

Is there any better treatment? Which doesn’t require timing? Yes, there is and its known as Music Therapy .Which living organism doesn’t like music or sound? We all do ,it’sour escape from planet earth.