Bollywood Has Still Not Managed To Steer Away From Racism

New Delhi: Commercial cinema, world of advertising or even your next door neighbour will not stop from commenting if someone dusky walks by!

Colourism, The Most Ignored -Ism In Asia: 

Colourism is a global form of discrimination, an attitude that prefers lighter skin tones to darker ones, and considers those with naturally darker skin less desirable. It is so deep rooted that people don’t even realize that they are biased towards those who are dark skinned, once said Fatima Lodhi, a 27-year-old activist from Pakistan; with an aim to fight this evil of colourism when she started the Dark is Divine campaign years back. Personally, Fatima too was judged by people around her with comments like ‘Let’s paint her white’.

The campaign is a part of a bigger initiative called Women of Worth (WOW) that has crossed various boundaries and has taken the message of equality to people, irrespective of their skin tones, across various cultures, nationalities, races and ethnicity.


Roadside Cultural Cauldron: Food For The Working Class

New Delhi: The food culture from ‘Roti Khali’ to ‘Lunch Kar Liya’ has changed a lot for the working class and their eating habits in the past few decades.  Be it Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon all possess some common and some uncommon choices when it comes to their food trends.

The working class of 1980s and 90s carried the trend of bringing newspaper wrapped ‘rotis’ in their lunch. As their lunch time approached a plate of dal ordered from the nearby Dhaba was everybody’s favorite with the chappatis.  


Flag And Nation: The Culture Of Politics

Last week, Karnataka government initiated a move for a separate flag for the state. The demand has triggered a pitched debate on the constitutional validity of the move and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's motive behind it.

This demand received instant criticism from opposition parties including the Bharatiya Janata Party which alleged that political considerations were at play.

The CM has pitched the demand months ahead of the state Assembly elections in Karnataka. Although, Karnataka already has an unofficial red-and-yellow flag, a symbol of Kannada pride that is used for cultural events.


MOM: Far From Reality; Cannot Be An Inspiration

With a ticket in hand, as I walk across the pavement, I am not so surprised to see the crowd. There are a lot of women in the hall, which is obviously because of the movie which I am here for.

Isn’t it amazing, the quality which these moving images hold? They grab your eyes constantly for 3 hours. You forget who you are or what you going through, it takes you straight inside the 70 mm screen and makes you feel exactly what the characters are going through.


Shiva and Shravan: What’s the Connect

On coming Monday starts the most Holy month of the Hindu calendar – Shravan. This is the month for Shiva worship, the third lord of the Hindu trinity, the other two being Brahma and Vishnu.

Why is Shiva so important for Shravan, the connection is best explained in the scriptures. As per the Puranas, the SamudraManthanepisode holds a very important significance inthe Shravan month. The churning of the Khirsagar (the milky ocean), referred to as SamudraManthan in search of the Amrit (nectar), took place in this month. During the churning, 14 different rubies emerged from the ocean and out of them, thirteen rubies were divided among the devas and the asuras, However, Halahal, the 14th ruby remained untouched as it had the deadliest poison which could destroy the whole universe and every living being.