Soon Jiggling Underground Optical Fiber Networks Will Act As Earthquake Sensor

New Delhi: You might not need an extensive sensor network or a host of volunteers to detect earthquakes in the future -- in fact, the lines supplying your internet access might do the trick. 

Researchers at the Stanford University have developed technology that detects earthquakes using fiber optic lines. In case of seismic activity, laser interrogators detect disturbances in the fibers and send information about the magnitude and direction of earthquake tremors. 

The system can not only detect different types of seismic waves (and thus determine the seriousness of the threat), but spot very minor or localized quakes that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Brave-Heart Female Cops Of India Who Are Changing The Face Of Indian Police

New Delhi: India is slowly but surely breaking its gender barrier as Indian women are breaking stereotypes and flipping the gender scales wherever they go. They are making their presence felt in almost every field be it in politics, bureaucracy, business entrepreneurs or sports and even from working as the Public transport drivers, jockeys, bike riders etc– they’re challenging patriarchy and proving that they too can join spaces previously dominated by men as they are not less than men in any aspect.

Women in the police force of India are no exception either. A woman police officer’s job is doubly difficult. Not only do they have to fight the usual crime – but also the patriarchal mindset of their colleagues and a glass ceiling that is supposed to be almost unbreakable. 

They also fight a mindset that is so deep in India – that women cannot be good law enforcers.But it is actually the opposite.


Customers Will Remain At Restaurants Mercy In Getting Benefit Of GST Rate Cut

New Delhi: The decision by the GST Council on Friday to cut back on the GST rates for restaurants from 18% to 5% is one that will be welcomed by consumers. Earlier the rates varied from air-conditioned eateries and those with liquor licences at 18 to non-air-conditioned restaurants at 12%.
This rate cut, which will come into effect from Nov 15, will be applicable for all stand alone restaurants and restaurants in hotels with less than Rs 7500 as room tariff. However, in the case of restaurants with rates above Rs 7500, it will still be taxed at 18%.


Best Countries For Vegetarians To Live In Or Vacation

New Delhi: India is undeniably a vegetarian paradise. With 38% of its population being vegetarians, there is no dearth of vegetarian food options available to the foodie. 

For the benefit of a veg-foodie travelling out of the country, the Global Vegetarian Index has created a very exhaustive list of the best countries to travel to. In case you are wondering, India is 11th on the list.

We have presented the top ten best vegetarian friendly countries in the world and what they eat there.


PlasticNightmare: 10 Rivers Are Responsible For Feeding The Seas With 95% Of Plastic Waste

New Delhi:Increasing plastic waste that our rivers harbour is a huge matter of concern; a newGermany-based study has found.
According to the research, up to 95 percent of the plastic polluting the world's oceans comes from just 10 rivers, including the Ganges and these 10 rivers transport 88-95 percent of the global plastic load into the sea.
Scientists analysed 79 sampling sites along 57 rivers for microplastic particles measuring less than 5 mm and macroplastic above the size.
Massive amounts of plastic bits that imperil aquatic life are washing into the oceans and even the most pristine waters.But how it all gets there from inland cities has not been fully understood.