Clean Environment and Human Development

The United Nations has honoured me with Champions of the Earth Award. 'While I was extremely humbled at receiving this honour, I do feel that this award is not for an individual. Instead, it is recognition of the Indian culture and values, which have always placed emphasis on living in harmony with Mother Nature. It was a proud moment for every Indian to see India's proactive role in mitigating climate change being acknowledged and appreciated by the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. António Guterres and Mr. Erik Solheim, the Executive Director of the UNEP.

Humans have a very special relationship with nature. Mother Nature has nurtured and nourished us. The first civilisations were established on the banks of rivers. Societies that live in harmony with nature flourish and prosper. Today, human society stands at an important crossroad. The path that we take hereon will not only determine our wellbeing but also that of the generations who will inhabit our planet after us. Our greed over necessities has led to grave ecological imbalances. We can either accept this, go ahead with things as if it is business as usual, or we can take corrective actions.

Sidharth Mishra 2

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is Cleansing society of its Poor

Today we celebrate the 149th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. The Father of the Nation for the past few years has been getting unprecedented attention. The Narendra Modi Government in its four-and-half-years-long tenure has given a Gandhian name, if not character, to most of its policies and schemes.

Mahatma’s name and quotes have been variously used in the nation he helped create, to perpetuate ideas, thoughts, schemes and scams, which would have never passed his scrutiny. The UPA government launched a most ambitious village rejuvenation programme and managed to win a second term on the basis of this scheme. When the programme came under cloud for financial irregularities, it was named after Mahatma lest a successor government decide to scrap it.


Celebrating Inclusion And Empowerment

Today we mark the beginning of the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of our beloved Bapu. He remains a shining beacon of hope for millions of people across the world who seek a life of equality, dignity, inclusion, and empowerment. The impact he left on human society has fewer parallels. Mahatma Gandhi connected India in letter and spirit, and in thought and action. As Sardar Patel rightly said, "India is a land of diversity. There is no land with such diversity as ours. If there was one person who brought everyone together, made people rise above differences, to fight colonialism and enhanced India's stature at the world stage, it was Mahatma Gandhi. And, he began to do this not in India but from South Africa itself. Bapu could see ahead and could understand the larger picture. He remained committed to his principles till his last breath."

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With Polls Approaching, Will Hollow Words Set the Agenda

Every political party, regional or national is seen in the election mode these days for the D day to arrive in the year-end for assembly polls in the four-odd states and later in 2019 for the Lok Sabha polls. New alliances are being stitched on the basis of recognition of their individual and collective political strength to organize, mobilize, politicize and convince the voter to side with them to win the electoral battle at the appointed time.

BJP is focusing on the policies and programmes implemented in the last four and a half years of its existence in power varying from the initiatives taken in the foreign and domestic arenas. Internally, it is highlighting its schemes like Ayusman Bharat, Ujjwala, Mudra, Swachhata, Infrastructure Development, Skill India, Stand Up India and Make in India and its resolve to provide homes to every poor family by 2022.

Sidharth Mishra

With Educated Youth Pressing NOTA Buttons In Large Numbers, Political Parties Should Get Worried

Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) results were out last week. With dust having settled, the parties should be concerned at the voting pattern, which is not moving beyond caste and regional commitments and the rapid increase in the apolitical voters pressing the NOTA (none of the above) button.

The Gujjar students remained with the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)-affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and the Jats with the Congress-backed National Students Union of India (NSUI). Where the NSUI lost out was the Jat votes cut by Indian National Students Organisation (INSO), the enterprise of the Chautala family of Haryana.