Donald Trump Criticizes NASA For Aiming To Put Astronauts Back On The Moon By 2024

New Delhi: Undercutting his previous support for the lunar initiative, US President Donald Trump criticized NASA for aiming to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024 and urged the space agency to focus instead on “much bigger” initiatives like going to Mars.

“For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon - We did that 50 years ago,” the president wrote on Twitter. “They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defence and Science!”

Trump’s statement, tweeted from Air Force One as he returned from Europe, appeared at odds with his administration’s recent push to return humans to the lunar surface by 2024 “by any means necessary,” five years sooner than the previous goal of 2028.


Gopal Bill In US To Give Students Opportunity To Receive An Affordable Higher Education In New Jersey

New Delhi: Beleaguered H-1B visa-holders, mostly from India and who have been under intense scrutiny and public pressure, caught a rare break on Thursday when New Jersey state legislature moved forward a measure to lower college costs for their children.

The legislation seeking to grant in-state tuition fee to children of H-1B workers in New Jersey colleges cleared the state’s senate higher education committee on Thursday. It must now pass the full senate, then a committee of the state’s general assembly and the then full chamber, before it lands on the governor’s desk for his signature.


Trump Blames India, China And Russia For Allegedly Not Doing Enough On Protecting Environment

New Delhi: Pushed by Prince Charles on the issue of climate change, US President Donald Trump replayed his theme of blaming India, China and Russia for allegedly not doing enough, and insisted the US has one of the ‘cleanest climates’.

Trump made the remarks during an interview with ITV on the last day of his three-day state visit. He joined Queen Elizabeth, France President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others in Portsmouth to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, before leaving for Ireland.


Donald Trump Says There’s Always A Chance Of The US Taking Military Action In Iran But Prefer Dialogue

New Delhi: President Donald Trump said there’s “always a chance” of the US taking military action in Iran, though he’d prefer to engage verbally with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. “I’d rather not, but there is always a chance,” Trump said when asked about the prospect of conflict in an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “I’d much rather talk.”

The comments come amid heightened tension between the two countries, after Trump blamed the Islamic Republic for recent violence in the Middle East and ordered 1,500 US troops to the region last month. The small deployment indicated that Trump’s administration wants to avoid fueling fears of another war, though the president made it clear it wasn’t off the table entirely.


Younger Sister Of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Attends A Public Event For The First Time In More Than 50 Days

New Delhi: The powerful younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended a public event in Pyongyang for the first time in more than 50 days, casting further doubt on media speculation he had ordered her to lay low over the failed nuclear summit with Washington.

North Korea’s state media on Tuesday showed Kim Yo Jong clapping aside her brother, his wife and other top officials at the 150,000-seat May Day Stadium where thousands of gymnasts, dancers and flip-card-wielding spectators worked in precise unison to perform “The Land of the People.”

The official Korean Central News Agency said the performers on Monday showed “beautiful and graceful rhythmic movements, high-spirited gymnastics, interesting national emotion and rich artistic depiction,” but also that Kim Jong Un was quite unhappy about their display. He seriously criticized the creators for their “wrong spirit of creation and irresponsible work attitude” and set forth “important tasks” to correctly implement the country’s revolutionary policy on literature and art, the agency said.