After 6 Years In Jail, Libyan Dictator Gaddafi's Son To Run For Presidency In 2018

New Delhi: Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, will run in the 2018 presidential election, a family spokesperson has revealed. Adding that he ‘enjoys the support of major tribes in Libya’, the spokesperson said that Gaddafi will offer the citizens measures to stabilise the country ‘in accordance with the Libyan geography’.
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has prepared a platform and will announce his plans to run soon, family spokesman, Basem al-Hashimi al-Soul has said.


Saudi Arabia Claims To Have Intercepted Houthi Missile Fired Towards Capital

New Delhi: Saudi air defences have intercepted a ballistic missile fired towards the capital Riyadh but there were no reports of casualties, according to the Saudi-led coalition.

A spokesperson for the Houthi movement said a ballistic missile targeted the royal court at al-Yamama palace, where a meeting of Saudi leaders was under way.

There was no official word on this assertion, but a royal family member appeared to confirm the missile was aimed at a royal palace meeting.


Church Of England Appoints First Female Bishop Of London ‘Sarah Mullally’

New Delhi: Former nurse Sarah Mullally was appointed Bishop of London on Monday, the first female to take the job which is one of the most senior in the Church of England.

Sarah Mullally, 55, will succeed Richard Chartres to become the 133rd Bishop of London, the third most powerful job in the Anglican Church early next year. Her appointment was approved by the British government and Queen Elizabeth II. 

“It is a great honour to be nominated,” she said in a statement at a news conference in St. Paul’s Cathedral. She will be formally installed as the bishop at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral in the New Year.


Pak NSA Says Possibility Of Nuclear War In South Asia Cannot Be Ruled Out

New Delhi: Pakistan's National Security Advisor Lt Gen (retd.) Nasser Khan Janjuahas said that the stability of the South Asian region is extremely uncertain and the possibility of a nuclear war cannot be ruled out.

Lt Gen (retd.) Janjua also accused the US of conspiring against the multi- billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with India.

Addressing a seminar on issues of national security in Islamabad, Janjua claimed that India has been stockpiling a range of dangerous weapons and it threatens Pakistan continuously of conventional warfare.


North Korea Attempts To Bypass US Sanctions Using Bitcoins

New Delhi: North Korea may be using Bitcoins to get around new sanctions aimed at getting dictator Kim Jong-un to stop his buildup of nuclear weapons. Traditional financial avenues have been blocked by most governments to North Korea.

Sanctions imposed in response to recent missile tests are making it even harder to get food to the isolated country, where up to 70 percent of the population is already constantly struggling to fight hunger, a UN agency said Saturday.

In response to this, the North Korean government may have stepped up its cyber hacking program and is actively trying to steal as many Bitcoins as possible from developed countries and South Korea, taking full advantage of the boom in the market.