China Readies All-Women Army Brigade

New Delhi: China's People's Liberation Army has started training an all-women special operations force over cold mountains and high seas. It has, however, not disclosed where they may be deployed in real battle scenario.

"We are women, but strong and tough," said Wei Lingli, a 20-year old girl-soldier told the Chinese media. "My body shape has hardly changed, but I've added more muscle," she said, displaying her strength by holding an 18-kilogram bottle of water in each hand.

Female soldiers in China have come a long way since they were initially inducted and deployed to give a colourful touch in official parades and military bands that played on major official events. It is not clear how many women have joined the all-women women's brigade which was created in 2013.

"People make jokes sometime, saying no man would dare to marry such 'tough' women," Wei said. "But I think our iron will and brave hearts are our main attributes; we always advance in the face of difficulty."

Combat skills being in calculated in them include parachuting, scuba diving, rappelling and the use of weapons such as pistols, rifles and submachine guns.

But most of them have not given up their love for make-up and shopping.

"The most relaxing time is laying on the bed with a face mask after training for a whole day," one of the female soldiers said. She uses some makeup-lipstick, face powder and eye shadow-but they showed few signs of having been used.


Saudi Bloc Arab Countries Refuse To Soften Stand On Qatar

New Delhi:The four Arab states boycotting Qatar have asserted that they would make no compromises in their demand that Doha change its policies on terrorism. The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt boycotting Qatar said that they were open to talks with Qatar on condition it “stops its support and financing of terrorism”.

“We reiterate the importance of Qatar’s compliance with the 13 demands outlined by the four states,” said a joint statement issued after the meeting of foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt in the Bahraini capital Manama.