US expels 60 Russian intelligence officials; orders closure of Seattle Consulate

New Delhi: In a decision reminiscent of the Cold War era, the US on Monday expelled 60 Russian diplomats, describing them as "intelligence officers" and ordered closure of the country's consulate in Seattle over the use of nerve agent allegedly by Moscow against a former Russian spy in the UK.

A dozen of these expelled diplomats are based at Russia's Permanent Mission to the UN.

"Today President Donald J Trump ordered the expulsion of dozens of Russian intelligence officers from the United States and the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle due to its proximity to one of our submarine bases and Boeing," the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, said.


37 people killed in fire in Kemerovo, Russia

New Delhi: In Russia, at least 37 people, including 11 children, have been killed in a fire at a shopping centre in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, the Russian Investigative Committee has said. State news agency Tass reported that the fire started on an upper floor of the Winter Cherry complex in central Kemerovo. 

The fire, which broke out on yesterday, was finally contained some 12 hours later, after engulfing some 1,600 square meters area. The building sustained severe damage, its roof and floors partially collapsing.


Earth Hour On 24th March Observed Worldwide

New Delhi: Millions of people around the world observed the annual Earth Hour on Sturday by turning off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about climate change. It is a global initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

In India, as a part of the campaign, various important government buildings and historical monuments dimmed their lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm yesterday. In the national capital, the lights were dimmed at Rashtrapati Bhawan, India Gate, North and South Block of the Central Secretariat. Mumbai also contributed towards saving the electricity as the lights at the Gateway of India were dimmed too.


US Launches WTO Challenge Against China

New Delhi: US on Friday launched a challenge at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China over intellectual property breaches. 

A statement from the US Trade Representative's office said, the United States is taking action at WTO to address China's unfair technology practices that run counter to WTO rules. 

US President Donald Trump on Thursday hit China with tariffs up to 60 billion Dollars of imports to retaliate against the theft of American intellectual property, ratcheting up trade tensions between the world's two largest economies.


US Announces 60 Billion Dollar Tariffs On China For Its Alleged Unfair Trade Practices

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump has announced 60 billion US dollar tariffs on China for its alleged unfair trade practices. The White House yesterday said the actions were necessary to counter unfair competition from China's state-led economy. The move is seen as a direct shot in a brewing trade war between the world's two biggest economies. 

Mr Trump directed US Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer to announce within 15 days a proposed list of products to be hit with tariff increases. USTR has already identified potential targets 1,300 product lines worth about 48 billion dollars. The President has also asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to come up with a list of restrictions on Chinese investment.