Beijing Objects To Foreign Funding In ‘Disputed’ North East

New Delhi: China has expressed its opposition to any foreign investment, including from Japan, in the "disputed areas" in India's Northeast.

China's foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying was reacting to Japan's plans to step up investment in the Northeastern states, as discussed during Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's visit to India.

"You also mentioned Act East policy. You must be clear that the boundary of India and China border area has not been totally delimited. We have disputes on the eastern section of the boundary," she said. China claims the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh as southern Tibet. 


North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, UNSC Calls Emergency Meeting

New Delhi: North Korea has fired an unidentified missile eastwards over Japan despite imposition of an eighth set of sanctions on it over its banned missile and nuclear programmes by the United Nations Security Council. 

The North has raised tensions in the region with its rapid progress in weapons technology under leader Kim Jong-Un, who is closely associated with the programme and regularly pictured by state media overseeing launches and visiting facilities.

Its last missile launch, a Hwasong-12 intermediate range missile just over two weeks ago, also overflew Japan- its first to do so for years- sparking emergency sirens and text alerts, before coming down in the Pacific Ocean.


PLA Gen Rebukes Hawks Baying For India’s Blood After The Doklam Episode

New Delhi: A senior People's Liberation Army (PLA) officer has snubbed hawks demanding military action against India after the Doklam episode. 

The government's views have been expressed by  a major general of the PLA, who said the anti-India commentators do not have a "clear understanding of China's strategic positioning".

"China and India are both neighbours and competitors, but not all competitors must be treated in the toughest way," Maj Gen Qiao Liang, also military strategist, wrote in the Beijing-based Global Times.


US Supreme Court Allows President Trump To Implement Refugee Ban

New Delhi:The US Supreme Court has allowed President Donald Trump to implement broadly a ban on refugees entering the country from around the world.

The court granted a request from the Trump administration to block a federal appeals court decision that would have eased the restrictive refugee policy and, according to the Justice Department, allowed up to 24,000 additional refugees to enter the US before October.

Mr Trump had signed a revised executive order in March that banned travellers from six Muslim-majority countries - Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - for 90 days and locked out most refugees for 120 days. The US President had said, the move was needed to prevent terror attacks.