US Condemns 'Ethnic Cleansing' Of Myanmar's Rohingya

New Delhi: The United States has accused Myanmar’s security forces of perpetrating "horrendous atrocities" against the Rohingya that amount to "ethnic cleansing" of the Muslim minority.

The statement from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who visited Myanmar last week, is the strongest US condemnation yet of the military's crackdown against the Rohingya, which has triggered a major refugee crisis and escalating global outrage.

"After a careful and thorough analysis of available facts, it is clear that the situation in northern Rakhine state constitutes ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya," Tillerson said in a statement.


Russia Confirms Radioactivity Over Ural Mountains

New Delhi:Russian authorities have confirmed reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains. But the suspected source of the leak, a nuclear fuel processing plant, denied it was the source of contamination. 

The Russian Meteorological Service said in a statement yesterday that it recorded the release of ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals in late September and classified it as extremely high contamination.

Russian authorities insisted, however, that the contamination posed no health risks. France's nuclear safety agency earlier this month said it recorded radioactivity in the area between the Volga River and the Ural Mountains from a suspected accident involving nuclear fuel or the production of radioactive material.


Trump Declares North Korea State Sponsor Of Terrorism

New DelhiUS President Donald Trump has declared North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, a move that allows the Trump administration to impose additional sanctions on Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programmes. 

North Korea had been removed from the list of state sponsor of terrorism under the George W Bush administration in 2008. 

Announcing the designation at the start of a White House Cabinet meeting in Washington yesterday, Mr Trump said in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, North Korea repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil.


Mugabe Axed As Ruling Party Leader

New Delhi: President Robert Mugabe was dismissed as the leader of Zimababwe's ruling ZANU-PF party in a move to force him to end to his 37 years in power peacefully following a de facto military coup.

He was replaced by EmmersonMnangagwa, the deputy he sacked this month."He has been expelled," one of the delegates said. "Mnangagwa is our new leader."

Mugabe's wife Grace, who had harboured ambitions of succeeding Mugabe, was also expelled from the party.
Speaking before the meeting, war veterans' leader Chris Mutsvangwa said the 93-year-old Mugabe was running out of time to negotiate his departure and should leave the country while he could.


Sharif Says No Court Decision Can Weaken His Bond With People

New Delhi: Pakistan's ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that no decision of a court could weaken his relationship with the masses as he kicked off the ruling PML-N party's campaign to seek public support in the wake of Panama Papersscandal.

He said that "four or five people cannot decide the fate of millions of people," referring to the bench that ruled against him in the Panama Papers case”.

Sharif, 67, and some of his family members are facing charges relating to their ownership of properties in London in connection with the Panama Papers scandal.