Singapore To Spend $20 Million To Host Trump And Kim Jong-un On Tuesday

New Delhi:  US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have reached Singapore. The Singapore government is expected to spend about $20 million to host the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday. Singapore is one of the few countries that have diplomatic relations with both the United States and North Korea.

"It's our contribution to an international endeavour which is in our profound interest," Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told reporters at the huge media centre the city-state had constructed to deal with the enormous demand.

Over 2,500 journalists are covering the summit, the first between a sitting United States President and a North Korean leader. Lee said the cost of the summit was $20 million Singapore.


Pakistan-Russia Finalise MoU For Conducting Feasibility Study For Undersea Gas Pipeline

New Delhi: A project that could eventually involve and benefit Iran and India in the field of undersea gas pipeline, Pakistan and Russia have finalised a memorandum of understanding for conducting a feasibility study for a planned undersea gas pipeline project.

Pakistan foreign office spokesman Muhammad Faisal told a weekly news briefing on Thursday: "The ministries of energy of Pakistan and the Russian federation have finalised a MoU for conducting a feasibility study for implementation of an undersea gas pipeline project."

According to the details available so far, the project will eventually involve four countries — Pakistan, Russia, Iran and India. It has been under discussion since last year.


Trump Announces His Meeting With Kim Jong Un Back On Track For June 12 In Singapore

New Delhi:  After discussing the matter with a senior adviser to the North Korean leader in the White House to continue laying the groundwork for the historic meeting, US  President Donald Trump announced that his planned meeting with Kim Jong Un was back on for June 12 in Singapore.

 “We are going to deal, and we are really going to start a process,” Trump told reporters on Friday, adding that the two sides don’t expect to sign any agreement on June 12. “Remember what I say: We will see what we will see.”Trump said he spoke with the North Korean envoy, Kim Yong Chol, about sanctions on the reclusive regime. The US has “hundreds of new sanctions that are ready to go” but isn’t going to implement them while talks are ongoing. “Why would I do that when we’re talking so nicely,” he said.


Israel Charges Iran Of Provoking Escalation On Its Southern Front

New Delhi: Archrival Israel has alleged Iran responsible for provoking the most serious escalation on its southern front on Tuesday, May 29, since the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014. Less than 30 days after Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps fired more than 30 rockets at northern Golan Heights, Iran-backed Islamic Jihad, along with Hamas, fired nearly 200 Iranian-made mortar shells and rockets at southern Israel.

Israel also conducted its biggest retaliation to what the Jerusalem Post said was the largest salvo fired from Gaza Strip since 2014, hitting 60-plus Hamas targets across the strip and that included a dual-purpose tunnel dug a kilometre into Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and 900 metres into Israel's territory.


Book On Kargil Brings Military Establishments Of Pakistan Under Pressure

New Delhi: A book titled 'From Kargil to Coup' written by veteran Pakistani journalist NasimZehra has thrown light on the country's military misadventure in Kargil in the summer of 1999 that had only boomeranged.The Pakistani establishment was already under pressure of late due to public revelations through books. The Pakistani military has already pulled up a former chief of its intelligence agency ISI for co-authoring a book named 'The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI, and the Illusion of Peace' with a former RAW chief and an Indian journalist and imposed travel restrictions on him on charges of violating military code of conduct and putting the national security at stake.