China Successfully Tests World’s Largest Unmanned Drone; To Carry Payload Of 1.5 Tonnes

New Delhi: A large commercial drone Feihong-98 (FH-98) developed and modified by the China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology made a successful test flight at Baotou test site in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. So China has successfully tested world’s largest unmanned transport drone which can carry a payload of 1.5 tonnes.

Feihong-98 (FH-98) is now the world’s largest unmanned transport aircraft, with a maximum payload of up to 1.5 tonnes, it said.


Australia Too Considers To Move The Country’s Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem

New Delhi: Australia is considering following US President Donald Trump’s lead in moving the nation’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. “Australia should be open-minded to this,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. “We’re committed to a two-state solution but, frankly, it hasn’t been going that well.”

The announcement is causing concern in Indonesia -- home to the world’s largest Muslim population and Australia’s northern neighbour -- although not enough to threaten the countries’ imminent free-trade deal.

“Indonesia conveys our strong concern on the announcement and question the merit of the announcement,” Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said, referring to the potential embassy move.


Chinese Leader Says, Sinicisation Of Religion Must Be Upheld To Promote Ethnic Solidarity

New Delhi: A top Communist Party of China (CPC) leader said during a visit to the country’s remote northwestern region of Xinjiang, home to millions of Muslim Uyghurs that Sinicisation of religion must be upheld to promote ethnic solidarity.

Sinicisation could be broadly defined as increasing the influence of Chinese, or the culture of the majority Han community, on non-Chinese ideas and entities within China. President Xi Jinping has talked about sinicising religions in China since taking over the CPC leadership in 2012.


Trump To Welcome People With Merit Who Can Help The US To Enter The Country

New Delhi: Amid visa issue with the United State, President Donald Trump has said that he wants people with merit, who can help, to enter the country and not sneak inside the border illegally.

“I’m very tough at the borders. We’ve been very tough at the borders. People have to come into our country legally, not illegally. Legally. And I want them to come in on merit,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Saturday.

Responding to a series of question on illegal immigration, the president reiterated that he wants people based on merit, a move that can help technology professionals from countries such as India.


Islamabad High Court Judge Sacked For Accusing ISI Of Manipulating Judicial Proceedings

New Delhi: A senior judge of Islamabad high court has been sacked for accusing the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of manipulating judicial proceedings, including the case in which former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was convicted.

President Arif Alvi removed Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui as a judge of the high court on Thursday on the recommendation of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).

The council unanimously agreed that while delivering his speech at the District Bar Association in Rawalpindi on July 21, Siddiqui displayed conduct unbecoming of a high court judge. In its 37-page report, it recommended the judge’s removal.