Mikhail Gorbachev Says Meeting Between Trump And Putin In Helsinki Could Be Historic

New Delhi: Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, has expressed hope that the summit between the presidents of the US and Russia - Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, respectively, in Helsinki on July 16 could be a historic occasion. The 87-year-old leader said June 28 that if the presidents of the two Cold War foes take steps towards cooperation, their meeting would be seen in history as a major landmark.

The venue and the date for the summit were announced on Thursday after US National Security Advisor John Bolton went to Russia to meet Putin and other top officials of the Kremlin. Helsinki is a not new to US-Russia summits as Gorbachev himself had met former US president George H W Bush, now 94, there in 1990. He said Finland's capital made a perfect setting for such a meeting, the AP report said.


Pakistan NSA Nasser Janjua Resigns Amid Reports Of Having Differences With PM

New Delhi:Amid reports that he had differences with caretaker Prime Minister NasirulMulk,Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Lt Gen (retd) Nasser Janjua resigned.Janjua’s resignation was accepted by Prime Minister Mulk.

The former chief of Southern Command was appointed as NSA during ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s tenure in October, 2015 with a status of minister of state. He had replaced Sartaj Aziz who was holding dual posts as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs as well as NSA.

Though the reason for Janjua’s exit is not yet known, sources in the government said the NSA was not feeling comfortable with the caretaker government led by former chief justice Mulk, Dawn reported.


North Korea Decides To Skip One Of The Most Symbolic And Politically Charged Events Of Its Calendar

New Delhi: In another sign of detente following the summit between leader Kim Jong Un and US president Donald Trump, North Korea has decided to skip one of the most symbolic and politically charged events of its calendar: the annual ‘anti-US imperialism’ rally marking the start of the Korean War.

Fist-pumping, flag-waving and slogan-shouting masses of Pyongyang residents normally assemble each year for the rally to kick off a month of anti-US, Korean War-focused events designed to strengthen nationalism and unity. It all culminates on July 27, which North Korea celebrates as a national holiday called the day of ‘Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.’


Trump Administration Reunites 522 Children With Their Families After Some Policy Change

New Delhi: The Trump administration has said it has reunited 522 children with their families since US President Donald Trump announced an end to his administration’s controversial policy of separating migrant families crossing into the country illegally.

The department of homeland security, the agency that has oversight on immigration and border control, on Saturday said it had “reunited 522 unaccompanied alien children in their custody who were separated from adults as part of the zero tolerance initiative”.

As the processing of the migrant families continued, the department said a small number of children will remain separated as their familial relationship with the adult was dubious, because the adult claiming custody could be a threat to their safety, or if the adult was a criminal alien.


US President Extends National Emergency Against North Korea By Another Year

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump has extended the national emergency against North Korea by another year. He has asserted that the reclusive nation continued to pose an "unusual and extraordinary" threat to the US' national security, foreign policy and economy.

Trump's remarks come less than a fortnight after he had a historic meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong-un during which the North Korean leader agreed to denuclearisation.

Trump has said time till the denuclearisation is completed, he would continue with his maximum pressure campaign and would not lift any of the sanctions against North Korea. "The existence and risk of proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material on the Korean Peninsula and the actions and policies of the Government of North Korea continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States," Trump said in a notice issued by the White House. National emergency against N Korea was first imposed on June 26, 2008. Since then, every president has extended the national emergency by one year.