Xi Jinping Says, Strategic Significance With Pakistan More Prominent Under Current Circumstances

New Delhi: Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Pakistan’s newly-elected President Arif Alvi and said that the strategic significance of the bilateral ties is “more prominent under the current circumstances” and both sides should support each other “more staunchly”.

Alvi was officially declared as the 13th president of Pakistan by the election commission Wednesday after he defeated his two rivals in a three-way contest.


Pakistan PM’s Adviser Resigns After Corruption Case Registered Against Him

New Delhi: In the first big jolt to the Imran Khan-led government, adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister on parliamentary affairs Babar Awan resigned after the anti-graft agency registered a corruption case against him.

Awan, while stepping down, said the rule of law of must start from himself. He said he has forwarded his resignation to the prime minister.

“Just reached PM House to tender my resignation from Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. Rule of Law begins with me. Thank you, Insafians for standing by me always. I will never let you down,” Awan wrote in a tweet.


China Pledges $60 Billion Financing For Africa To Remove Developmental Bottlenecks

New Delhi: President of China Xi Jinping has pledged $60 billion in financing for Africa amid growing concerns about the debt trap associated with Chinese aid. He said that funds were not for “vanity projects” but to remove developmental bottlenecks.

Delivering the keynote address at a summit with African leaders, Xi wrote off the debts of some poorer countries in Africa.

The new promise of $60 billion – the same amount that China pledged at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) held in 2015 – came amid worries about China’s “debt trap” diplomacy, which Beijing has denied engaging in.


Imran Khan Ropes In Foreign Economists In Newly-Constituted Economic Advisory Panel

New Delhi: To deal with the economy that is moving towards banckrupcy, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has roped in some renowned foreign economists in the newly-constituted economic advisory panel to provide the best possible professional advice to his cash-strapped government on prudent economic policies, media reported on Sunday.

The immediate challenge for the Khan-led government is to arrange finances to fill about a USD 10 billion gap that is arising due to higher outflows than estimated inflows.


Iran Develops Capacity To Build More Ballistic Missiles To Deter Attacks On Its Interests In The Middle East

New Delhi: Iran has given ballistic missiles to Shi’ite proxies in Iraq and is developing the capacity to build more there to deter attacks on its interests in the Middle East and to give it the means to hit regional foes, Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources said.

Any sign that Iran is preparing a more aggressive missile policy in Iraq will exacerbate tensions between Tehran and Washington, already heightened by US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.