N Korea Sought $1 BnIn Cash From Israel For Not Selling Missile Technology To Enemies Of Israel


New Delhi:  North Korea had sought $1 billion in cash from Israel for stopping selling missile technology to the Jewish state's major enemies, including Iran, a former senior North Korean diplomat, who has now defected, has revealed.

The revelation came in 'Password from the Third Floor', a recently published book by Thae Yong Ho, a member of a prominent family in North Korea who defected with his wife and children two years ago while serving as a senior diplomat in the North Korean embassy in London, the report added. The news about Thae's defection came out in August 2016 when a newspaper in South Korea said that the man had escaped with his family "to a third country".

Thae later surfaced in the South Korean capital from where he publicly condemned the regime in Pyongyang. Thae then penned his book to reveal his experiences of working as a North Korean diplomat. In his work, he claimed to have worked as a translator during a series of talks between Son Mu Sin and Gideon Ben Ami - the ambassadors of North Korea and Israel, respectively, to Sweden.

 In one of those meetings that took place secretly in 1999, Son allegedly told Ben Ami that his country had a series of agreements to sell ballistic missile technology and know-how to Israel's enemy states like Iran, Syria and Pakistan but the North Korean regime was ready to scrap them if it was handed $1 billion in cash by Israel.

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