Book On Kargil Brings Military Establishments Of Pakistan Under Pressure


New Delhi: A book titled 'From Kargil to Coup' written by veteran Pakistani journalist NasimZehra has thrown light on the country's military misadventure in Kargil in the summer of 1999 that had only boomeranged.The Pakistani establishment was already under pressure of late due to public revelations through books. The Pakistani military has already pulled up a former chief of its intelligence agency ISI for co-authoring a book named 'The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI, and the Illusion of Peace' with a former RAW chief and an Indian journalist and imposed travel restrictions on him on charges of violating military code of conduct and putting the national security at stake.

Penning a piece for Dawn, Pakistan's renowned daily on Wednesday, May 30, journalist and author ZahidHussain said "lies and deception" were often used "to cover up blunders, conspiracies and military misadventures" in the 70 years since independence and facts were never given a chance to make a point.

"Failure is celebrated as victory. As a result we could never learn from our mistakes and wrongdoings," Hussain said in his piece titled 'Facts and fiction' ( Speaking on the 1999 Kargil conflict, Hussain said the "military adventure" was an event which was never investigated with the excuse of safeguarding national security, as it has been with several other cases where Pakistan faced adversity. He said the incursion by the Pakistani forces that saw the country facing a serious military and diplomatic embarrassment and ultimately led to another diplomatic coup has only been seen through a "civil versus military binary".

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