Pashtuns Protest Against Right Violation And Extra Judicial Killing


New Delhi: Protest to highlight the violation of the rights of Pashtuns and the targeting the community in extra-judicial killings, the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement successfully held a rally in Lahore despite efforts by the government of Pakistan’s Punjab province and the intelligence agencies to sabotage it.
Witnesses said more than 4,000 people gathered at Mochi Gate on Sunday evening to listen to PTM leader ManzurPashteen and others who aired their grievances against the state.
The mood was sombre, said the witnesses, and those attending included a number of non-Pashtuns, who were keen to know more about the movement that has dramatically gained support over the past few weeks despite pressure on the media not to give it coverage.
Among those who took the rostrum were TaheraJalib, daughter of the revolutionary poet HabibJalib, who read out Dastoor, a famous poem by her father, and AminaMasoodJanjua of the Defence of Human Rights Pakistan, whose husband has been missing since 2005.

Advocate Fazal Khan, the father of a student martyred in the 2014 Taliban attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, also addressed the gathering and repeated his demand for forming a judicial commission to investigate the incident that left nearly 150 dead.
Awami Workers Party president FanoosGujjar, while addressing the crowd, said: "Yesterday, when PTM leaders were arrested, we were told: 'There is peace in Lahore and you are anti-state traitors. What will the traitors do here? Pakhtuns here are studying and conducting trade, why are you taking their peace away?'"
PTM central leader Ali Wazir said, "The movement has come to Lahore so that if something (untoward) happens in the future, nobody can say 'You never reached out to us'."

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