White House Says, Trump Not To Sign Bills Passed By Democratic-Controlled House Of Representatives


New Delhi: In a sign of how far apart Republicans and Democrats remained on the border wall funding, the White House has announced that President Donald Trump will even not sign the bills that the newly constituted Democratic-controlled House of Representatives had passed for the reopening of the shuttered federal agencies.

If either of the two legislative measures “were presented to the President, his advisors would recommend that he veto the bill”, the White House said in a statement Thursday evening, hours before the House passed two separate legislative measures to end the partial shutdown and reopen the affected departments.

A six-bill package fully funded departments of agriculture, transportation, state, treasury, interiors for a year, and the second bill provided temporary funding to the department of homeland security till February, to allow more time for negotiations over President Donald Trump’s wall along the border with Mexico.

Neither set of legislation contained any funding for the wall, and they were not expected to go any further. Senate Republicans have refused to table for vote any legislation not supported by Trump, whose opposition to this compromise formula was known from the time it was mooted.

“What we’re asking the Republicans in the Senate to do is to take ‘yes’ for an answer. We are sending them back exactly, word for word, what they have passed,” Nancy Pelosi, who was elected Speaker of the House, said. “Why would they not do that? Is it because the President won’t sign it? Did they not hear about the coequal branch of government, and that we the Congress send the President legislation and he can choose to sign or not?”

President Trump is meeting congressional leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, in the White House later Friday morning in one more attempt, which has already been labelled as futile, to break the stalemate and end the shutdown that started on December 22.


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