Automation & Robots Could Kill 80 million Jobs Worldwide, a new McKinsey Report says

New Delhi: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are raking up the ranks quickly, and machines could well take up quite a few jobs as well. A new report by Mckinsey has found out that as many as 800 million workers could lose their jobs and replaced due to automation by 2030.

On the other side the economic growth, rising productivity and other forces could more than offset the losses, as per the report.

With the advent of software that can respond to customer’s inquiries and robots that can provide services within a flip of a second, mid-level workers will need to upgrade themselves to save their jobs.  

In a study early this year, McKinsey found that about half of all work activities globally have the technological potential to be automated, but the latest report provides a better assessment based on economic, social and technical factors.


The Perfect Lowdown to Understand ‘BITCOIN’

New Delhi: The controversial digital currency Bitcoin has soared to an all-time high after its price rocketed more than 15 per cent over the weekend.

As it stood on November 27, a single Bitcoin was valued at a staggering £8015 ($10,740) an 800 per cent rise since the start of the year.

The move takes it to 20% above the level it stood at on Friday last, according to the Luxembourg-based Bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp. It started the year at around $1,000.

The total market capitalization for the cryptocurrency market has exceeded $300 billion for the first time.