BCCI Defends Its Decision On The Body Not Being Brought Under RTI


New Delhi: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials have defended their stance against the cricket body being brought under the purview of the Right to Information Act (RTI Act). They argued that the Board was not substantially funded by the government -- one of the criteria for an organisation to be made accountable under the law.

The Law Commission has said the BCCI falls under the definition of a public authority, declaring that non-consideration of the role played by the board in regulation of cricket as monopolistic has resulted in it flying under the radar of public scrutiny and encouraged opacity and non-accountability.

A senior board functionary declared that the BCCI was not going to lose sleep over the Law Commission’s recommendation.

“It is based on media reports that the BCCI is substantially funded by the Government, we are merely observers in this,” said the BCCI official.

 “I don’t believe anyone from the BCCI was called to give their side of the story. Anyway, the BCCI is a very transparent body; details of any payment made above Rs. 25 lakh is shared on our website, our audited accounts are on the website. No one is going to lose sleep over it.

“A due process has to be followed, it has to be debated, there have to be discussions in the law ministry, which will then decide if they have to bring it to Parliament.”

Former BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah said it’s a recommendation and Parliament has to pass a law. “The law of RTI says if you are substantially funded by the government then you can come under RTI. First, the law has to change and it can’t be changed only for the BCCI. It will affect many organisations ,” said Shah.

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