Apsara Reddy Appointed As Congress General Secretary And In-Charge Of Mahila Congress

New Delhi: Transgender activist Apsara Reddy, was appointed as Congress general secretary and in-charge of Mahila Congress, making her the first transgender person to be appointed as an office-bearer in the party.

“I will meet with a cross section of women to address the issues pertaining to their rights. This election, I will campaign vociferously against the fascist BJP,” she said about her immediate plans.

Thanking Congress president Rahul Gandhi for reposing trust in her, Reddy said she would work with the party’s women’s wing in each state across the country and strive for the empowerment of women.


JPC Appreciates Government’s Decision To Give Indian Nationality To Non-Muslim Illegal Immigrants

New Delhi: The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill has appreciated the government’s decision to give Indian nationality to non-Muslim illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, claiming such people were being subjected to “unfair treatment” in those countries.

In its 440-page report, the panel headed by BJP MP Rajendra Agrawal said, “Display of such supportive and humanitarian approach on the part of the government towards the minorities who fled the three countries, including Bangladesh, due to religious persecution is quite appreciable.” The JPC report was submitted to the Lok Sabha on Monday and adopted through a majority vote, amidst dissent notes by opposition members.


Kerala High Court Banns Practice Of Calling Shutdowns At A Moment’s Notice

New Delhi: As Kerala reeled under a spate of shutdowns and violence over the entry of women of reproductive age in Sabarimala temple, the Kerala High Court banned the practice of calling shutdowns at a moment’s notice.

Expressing strong disapproval at the practice, the court said that a shutdown without prior notice was unconstitutional and can be challenged in a court of law, and that such protests can be declared only after giving a prior notice of seven days.

The Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry had moved the court in the wake of many shutdowns in the state, which witnessed four statewide work disruptions after the Supreme Court’s September 28 verdict which allowed women of all ages in hill temple.


CBI Lays Out Details About Illegal Mining Case In UP As It Draws Flak From Opposition Parties

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) laid out details about the illegal mining case in Uttar Pradesh as it drew flak from opposition parties. The CBI claimed that then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s office had cleared 13 projects on a single day.

The agency said Yadav, who also held the mining portfolio for sometime, had cleared 14 leases, of which 13 were cleared on February 17, 2013, in violation of e-tendering process.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) claimed that on February 17 the leases were granted by the district magistrate of Hamirpur, B Chandrakala, after getting approval from the chief minister’s office in violation of its 2012 e-tender policy, which was ratified by the Allahabad High Court on January 29, 2013.


Mayawati Calls Up Akhilesh To Say That The SP And BSP Will Take On BJP In 2019 LS Polls

New Delhi: The foe turned friend and Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has called up Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party and assured him that they would together take on the BJP. She accused the BJP of “dirty tricks” and “disgusting politics.” The phone call came amid reports that Yadav might be questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in an illegal sand mining case.

“Mayawati told Akhilesh that these kind of dirty tricks are nothing new for the BJP and the public is fully aware of it. There is no reason to worry and we must fight strongly against such conspiracies,” the BSP said in a statement

Mayawati accused BJP of being involved in “disgusting politics” and said the Centre was using the state machinery to carry out vendetta against opponents.