BJP Pounces On Rahul Gandhi For His Alleged Statement Of Congress Being Party Of Muslims


New Delhi: War of words between the BJP and the Congress continues, the ruling BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) has once again attacked the Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his alleged statement that the Congress is the party of Muslims. The matter was once again taken up as the Congress' minority morcha chief NadeemJaved in an interview to the same newspaper confirmed it by saying that there was nothing wrong in it.

Union Human Resource development minister PrakashJavadekar said that there was a programmeorganised on Ramayana in Kerala but the official programme was cancelled that shows its mindset of being the party of only Muslims. "The only genocide that took place after independence in India in which over 3000 Sikhs were burnt alive was actually executed by the Congress," said Javadekar.

"The statement of Rahul Gandhi is not only testimony to the fact that it is a party of Muslims but Bhagalpur riots during the Congress regime in Bihar in which 1000 Muslims were got killed is another such example that it thrives of communal divide. Shah Bano is an example where the Congress amended the constitution for the Muslim males only. Former Prime minister of the country Manmohan Singh had said that Muslims have the first right over the resources of the country. Shinde had sent an order to the state governments to release Muslim youths from jails lodged for various charges," said the Union minister.

He further said that the history of the Congress has been such that it was responsible for the division of the country demanding that the Congress president must come out with clarification on the issue of ShashiTharoor who talks about India becoming Hindu Pakistan. Actually, the Congress is the party of Muslim male only as it does not take care of the concerns of Muslim women right from the time of Shah Bano when it changed Constitution to suppress the interest of Muslim women. Now, they are not supportive on issues plaguing Muslim women like triple talaq and nikah-halala and many more issues.

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