Maneka Says Due To Lack Of Facility No Forensic Analysis In 13,000 Rape Cases Every Year


New Delhi: Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi said there was no forensic analysis in 13,000 rape cases every year as the country's laboratories lacked the capacity. "We have found that the weakest part of crime detection is forensic, she said while announcing a plan to strengthen the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) here.

Her ministry and the Home Ministry are starting with the CFSL in Chandigarh on improvement of labs across the country, she said. Money from the Nirbhaya Fund, named after a Delhi rape victim, has been granted for increasing its capacity. I was shocked to learn that the premier forensic laboratory carries out analysis of less than 160 cases a year, she said.

Forensic labs in the whole country do not conduct analysis of 13,000 out of 16,000 rape cases each year. They conduct analysis of just 3,000 cases, she said. The capacity of CFSL Chandigarh will be raised from 165 to 2,000 cases in a year, the minister said. The minister said five more forensic labs would come up in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bhopal and Guwahati, raising the capacity of labs across the country to handle 50,000 rape cases a year.

She said the collection of evidence was important to enable courts to deliver quicker verdicts in rape cases. Maneka Gandhi was here to lay a foundation stone for the SakhiSuraksha Advanced DNA Forensic Laboratory. She said her ministry will soon come out with a kit for police stations and hospitals for the collection of evidence like blood and semen samples in rape cases.

The kits will contain instructions on the evidence that needs to be collected from the crime scene. The kit with the samples will then be locked and sent to the forensic laboratory. It will mention the time when it was sealed and the names of the police officer and the doctor involved in the case.

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