BJP Hopeful To Form The Government; Congress And JD (S) Have The Number


New Delhi:Nobdoy expected that BharatiyaJanataParty's dream run would be scuttled by afternoon. The Congress and JD(S) agreed to form post-poll alliance in a fractured mandate in Karnataka. All developments indicating Congress-JDS alliance is in the offing in Karnataka.

Now, the BJP, which is the single largest party with 104 seats, may question the constitutional validity of the move by Congress and JDS to stake a claim to form the government. However, BJP is now paying for their own political overtures in the Goa and Manipur assembly elections.

It may be recalled that the BJP had set a different precedent after the Goa and Manipur assembly elections. In Manipur, though the Congress won 28 out of 60, the BJP with 21 seats went ahead managed to form an alliance. Congress had won 28 seats (35.1% share of the electorate) in the 60-member Manipur assembly; the BJP got victory in 21 seats (36.2% of the vote share).

Likewise in Goa, though the BJP had won 13 seats, less than the Congress- 17, out of 40 constituencies it formed an alliance with MaharashtrawadiGomantak Party and Goa Forward Party. As a result, the Congress Party protested at the Governor's decision to invite the BJP to form the government in Goa. This triggered a debate about the role of the governor in government formation in the states.

Now with a similar scenario emerging in Karnataka, the BJP is questioning the Congress on the support it has declared to the JD(S). The Congress is however reminding the BJP of what happened in Goa and Manipur.

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