Hardik Says Not Hindutva But Hindustan Is Certainly Is In Danger


New Delhi: Patidar quota agitation leader Hardik Patel has asserted that not Hindutva but Hindustan (India) is in danger as various sections of the society are under threat.
After meetingVishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) international president PravinTogadia- who had mysteriously gone disappeared for around 12 hours on Monday,  Hardik said, "I do not believe that Hindtuva is in danger but I firmly believe that chief of the Hindu organisation is in danger. I must say that farmers are in danger and unemployed youths are in danger. Thus entire Hindustan (India) is in danger. People know who conspired this plan of making Togadia disappeared," said Hardik before reporters on being asked if he thinks that 'Hindutva' is in danger.

The quota agitation leader also said that he and Togadia must have some differences over ideology but they both fight for the common cause like adequate income for farmers in the country.

When asked if he feels that Ram Temple should be built in Ayodhya, Hardik said, "Whether it is Ram Temple or Babri mosque, we must focus on unemployed youths and farmers first and I am with him (Togadia) for the cause of minimum support price (MSP) for farmers and employment generation."

Togadia had on Monday morning mysteriously disappeared from VHP office in Paldi and later he was found unconscious from Kotarpur area in the city. Togadia on Tuesday alleged that attempts are being made to muzzle his voice.

Hardik had also raised questions over the mysterious disappearance on Monday as he tweeted, "Why home minister is silent over PravinTogadiaji's disappearance. Why Togadiaji's security personnel were not suspended? Why the BJP and VHP people were not tensed with this incident."

He also said, "If Togadiaji can be disappeared despite having Z+ security, what one can expect about a common man's security in the state. PravinTogadia had earlier said that he had been facing life threats."

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