Guest Teachers And Research Scholars Get Support From 100 Varsities Against Unjust Demand Of Ad Hoc Absorption


New Delhi: The government has shifted higher education secretary R Subrahmanyam to department of social justice and empowerment as it is being said that he reportedly failed to manage situation in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) during students protest on fee hike and given them lots of concession to Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) still neither JNU students nor DU teachers called off their strike. DU teachers are protesting for the demand that is legally untenable.

But actually the demand for which DU ad hoc teachers are protesting from the first week of December has caused another protest in Delhi as they ignored guest teachers and allegedly some such demands were put before the MHRD and accepted that appeared injustice to researchers. So the guest and researchers have mobilized people from across the country to oppose the DUTA shenanigans. “We are doing everything to connect with such people who are at the receiving end due to the compromise reached upon between the MHRD and DUTA. We are also against absorption as it is illegal and unconstitutional,” said Aman Kumar, one of the protesting activists.

But now there is division in DUTA and many active DUTA members are demanding to call off the strike immediately as it has not only diluted the original demands of DUTA but also halted the implementation of commitments reached upon by MHHD and DUTA. A senior DUTA activist said, “DUTA is well aware that demands of ad hoc is untenable but 4500 ad hock teachers have hijacked the entire DUTA forcing them to support which is hapless. Still it won’t last long as fissure started appearing in DUTA. Moreover, absorbing all ad hock will regularize some dirt also but half of them are good by any criteria.”

Aman Kumar said that research scholars and guests teachers from more than 100 universities including many Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) that comes to over a lakh people are supporting the cause. Some permanent teachers too are supporting this movement. “We are in touch with these people and our movement will continue till our demands are addressed. We are not against anyone but we are against injustice,” said Aman.