The PM Accuses Opposition Of Insulting To India’s Women’s Power After A Remark By Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Addressing a rally in Jaipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Opposition political parties of what he called an insult to India’s “women’s power”. He attacked after a remark by Congress president Rahul Gandhi that India’s woman defence minister could not defend Modi in a Parliament debate on the controversial Rafale jet deal.

Gandhi alleged that Modi ran away from last week’s debate and fielded Nirmala Sitharaman, drawing a sharp response from Modi who attacked the Opposition at an event in Agra. “Janta ki adalat se ek 56-inch ki chaati wala chowkidaar bhag gaya aur ek mahila se kehta hain ‘Sitharamanji, aap meri raksha kijiye...’ [The watchman with 56-inch chest fled from the court of the people and told a woman, ‘Sitharamanji, you save me]’,” Gandhi said, referring to Modi.

“But you saw [that for] 2.5 hours [of the debate] mahila raksha nahi kar payi [she could not defend]...,” he said, keeping the heat on the government over the Rafale deal, which his party says did not follow procedures.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, Modi said Sitharaman gave a proper reply to the Opposition in the Lok Sabha by coming up with “fact after fact” on the Rafale deal. “They are bent upon insulting a woman defence minister,” he said, without naming Gandhi. “This is not an insult to a woman, but an insult to entire India’s women’s power, for which these irresponsible leaders will have to pay the price,” Modi added.

National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Rekha Sharma said a notice will be issued to Gandhi on Thursday. “As a leader people look up to, he should not give such misogynist statements where he thinks that a woman is a weak person...What does he mean? I want a clarification because it gives a very wrong impression when a leader says such things,” Sharma said.

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