ISRO Announced Glitch Corrected And Chandrayaan 2 Ready For Launch On July 22

New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organsation (Isro) announced that the glitch has been corrected and Chandrayaan 2 is ready for launch on July 22 at 2.43pm. This was done three days after the launch of India’s second mission to the moon was aborted 56 minutes from take-off due to a technical snag.

The new launch timing, however, will leave no margin for error due to a shorter window period, according to a senior official from the space agency who asked not to be named.

“July 15 was ideal for the launch of the Chandryaan-2 mission as there was a 10-minute window period, which gave us room for adjustments in the complex mission. Now, all the launch windows are just of one minute, so everything has to be right and the satellite has to be launched precisely at the planned time,” he said.


India Hands Over A 23-Page Dossier To Islamabad Containing Proofs Of Anti-India Activities In Pakistan

New Delhi: Indian delegation handed over a 23-page dossier to Islamabad on July 14, 2019 during the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor talks at Wagah border. It provides all details that how pro-Khalistan groups have a free run within Pakistan.

In the meeting, Pakistan had promised that it would not allow any anti-India activity. The dossier gives details of anti-India activity being planned in Pakistan, especially to target Sikh devotees. Accompanied by photographic evidence, the dossier gives details of several pro-Khalistan groups, including Sikhs For Justice (SJF), operating freely in Pakistan

India had on July 10 banned the SJF for its alleged anti-national activities. The group’s primary objective is to establish an “independent and sovereign country” in Punjab.


PM Appeals To Citizens To Be Judicious With Water Use As Dire Scarcity Takes Hold In Many States

New Delhi:  The Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is drawing up a legislative package for water-sector reforms, including a model law aimed at managing what has become the scarcest resource in over a third of the country’s districts.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has nudged citizens to be judicious with water use, as a dire scarcity takes hold in many states. Last month, he wrote to panchayats, or village administrations, across the country, asking them to conserve water. The government has identified 1,592 blocks in 256 districts as seriously water-depleted.

Discussions are on at Jal Shakti, as the water resources ministry is now called, to bring a model law on water resources regulatory mechanisms to be set up by each state government, as the onus of replenishing water resources falls squarely in the states’ domain, according to a constitutional division of jurisdictions.


Giriraj Singh Demands Indians With More Than Two Children Be Deprived Of Their Right To Vote

New Delhi: Expressing concern over a “population explosion” in India, Union minister Giriraj Singh last week suggested, for the second time, that Indians with more than two children be deprived of their right to vote. Singh stressed religious interference as one of the obstacles in controlling population growth.

An analysis shows that religion does play a role in determining the number of children a couple has, and Muslims tend to have more children than other religious groups. However, if Singh’s prescription of depriving couples with more than two children of their voting rights were to be implemented, significantly more Hindus would end up losing their voting rights than Muslims. This is because religion is not the only determinant of fertility rates, which are also influenced by class, caste, age-cohort and educational background.


Four Rajya Sabha Mps Of SP And BSP In Talks With BJP Leadership To Switch Sides

New Delhi: At least four Rajya Sabha MPs belonging to the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) are talking to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership. If the MPs cross over, the BJP tally will go up in the Upper House where the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) still lacks a majority.

All four MPs are from Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP has two-thirds majority in the assembly and can win all bypolls to Rajya Sabha seats. The SP has 12 MPs and the BSP 4 in the current Rajya Sabha.

“There have been some talks with these MPs but they haven’t reached a conclusion yet,” the first person said on condition of anonymity. “These MPs are not inspired by the leadership of their party and want to explore other options,” the second leader said, requesting not to be named.