Rahul Pleads Not Guilty In The Case Of Accusing RSS In Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination


New Delhi: The Bhiwandi court in Thane accepted Rahul Gandhi’s application seeking a “summons” trial that could lead to an examining of historical evidence of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to a defamation charge by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Rahul Gandhi, who has been accused of defaming the RSS by purportedly blaming it for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination at an election rally in 2014, was charged under Sections 499 (defamation) and 500 (punishment for defamation) of the Indian Penal Code.

After reading out and explaining the charges to him, the court asked Gandhi if he wanted to plead guilty, to which he responded not guilty. The framing of charges is the first step towards the commencement of a trial.

Gandhi’s lawyer Narayan Iyer said the application to convert the case into a summons trial had been accepted. “The court admitted our application for a summons trial, which will give us the opportunity to examine and produce historical evidences, documents and reports dating back to the 1950s. This means that Rahul Gandhi, who has been accused of defamation for linking the Gandhi assassination to the RSS, has every right to provide detailed evidence to prove his case.”

According to a Mumbai Congress leader, who asked not to be named, the party wants a debate into the RSS’s alleged links to the assassination by referring to the decades-old case and the 1969 Kapoor Commission report on the assassination.

“This is likely to snowball into a bigger debate and it will bring the public focus back on the activities of the RSS during the freedom struggle and the events that unfolded after that,”said a Maharashtra Congress leader on the condition of anonymity.

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