Nirav Modi’s Extradition May Also Figure In Discussion With Jinping


New Delhi: Apart from the border issues between India and China, NiravModi’s extradition is expected to be discussed later this week when PM Narendra meets Chinese President Xi Jinping. India may push for extradition of NiravModi, who’s suspected to be hiding in Hong Kong, during the “informal summit” between Indian PM and Chinese President on April 27-28.
China has left it to the local authorities in Hong Kong to take a decision but it is no secret that Beijing will take the final call because Nirav has strong connections with Hong Kong-based billionaires. Getting NiravModi deported to India would boost the government’s image which is something that Beijing would use as a bargaining chip, sources said.

Meanwhile, defence minister NirmalaSitharaman joined external affairs minister SushmaSwaraj in Beijing on Monday evening in the task of laying the ground for the Modi-Xi summit. Sitharaman will attend the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization along with Swaraj and ministers from China, Russia, and central Asian countries on Tuesday.
China signalled the extent of its seriousness about the Modi-Xi summit when Chinese vice-president Wang Qishan, the former anti-corruption czar who is regarded to be close to Xi, held a meeting with Swaraj on Monday. Wang said he expected the two top leaders to reach "more strategic consensus" on bilateral ties and issues of common concern.
The Modi-Xi summit is seen by both sides as an essential move but also something that carries serious risks. The border dispute, which resulted in a 72-day standoff at Doklam until last August, will be the most important focus area.

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