Shah Defends The Law Criminalising Triple Talaq Asserting That It Establishes Gender Parity


New Delhi: After getting passed the triple talaq bill in Parliament, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in a programme that politics of appeasement, which led to the Partition, was the reason for the continuance of the “evil practice” of triple talaq for so long. Shah defended the law criminalising triple talaq, asserting that it establishes gender equality.

“Some people level allegations against BJP government that such action is anti-Muslim. I want to make it clear that this is only and only to benefit Muslims, not the Hindus, Jains or Christians,” he said.

It was a “nightmare” for crores of Muslim women who were denied of their rights, he said.

Coming down heavily on the Congress, Shah, who is also BJP President, said the party has “no shame” and continues to oppose the law on triple talaq.

The home minister said it took several decades to end this evil practice because of the Congress, which always resorted to the politics of appeasement.

Referring to the then Rajiv Gandhi government’s decision to bring a law to overturn the Supreme Court judgement in the Shah Bano case, he said it would be considered a “black day” in the history of Parliament.

There is no doubt in the minds of those favouring triple talaq and those opposing it that it was an “evil practice”.

People should welcome moves for eradication of any evil practice, but there is opposition in case of triple talaq. “The politics of appeasement is responsible for it,” he said.

Some parties were in the habit of coming to power on the basis of vote-bank politics, that’s why such evil practices continued, he said

The politics of appeasement has been a hurdle in the path to achieve development and social cohesion in the country.

“When some people are hungry for power, they resort to the politics of appeasement. They are not concerned about Muslim women but concerned only about vote-bank, “ he said.


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