Gandhi Exudes Confidence Secular Formation Will Win Maximum Number Of Seats In The Lok Sabha Polls


New Delhi: With this belief that regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP and TDP will not support the BJP, Congress president Rahul Gandhi exuded confidence that a secular formation will win the maximum number of seats in this Lok Sabha polls indicating that opposition parties will come together to form the next government and.

He, however, said he will not pre-judge the verdict of the people and launched an all-out attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having lost the opportunity given by the people to take the country forward.

Refusing to spell out the opposition’s strategy ahead of the Lok Sabha poll results on May 23, Gandhi told a press conference that unlike Modi, the Congress will use the experience of veterans such as UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh. He was asked what role Sonia Gandhi will play in bringing together opposition parties to form the next government, amid talks of the UPA chairperson asking its top leaders to talk to various leaders and hold a meeting with them to help form a secular alliance that could lead the next government.

“I am not going to pre-judge what the people of India will decide. The mood and vision of the people will come out on May 23... Whatever the people decide, we will do that. Whatever the mood and vision of people of India, it will be known on May 23,” he said. “I am not going to disrespect the people of this country by judging what they are going to do...,” he noted.

He also attacked the Election Commission, saying its role in these polls has been “biased” and “partiality” has been shown, as it has issued orders keeping in mind Modi’s poll schedule and has not reprimanded the prime minister for his objectionable remarks made during campaigning while it has has done so for other leaders. Gandhi said the Congress party has dismantled Modi’s ideology that has worked to “systematically close down every door to stop Narendra Modi from escaping”. He said priority number one for the Congress is to make sure that the BJP loses and the next priority is to push the Congress ideology.


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