Sachin,Binny Bansal Rake In Billions After selling Flipkart Stakes To Walmart


New Delhi:With Sachin Bansal selling his entire stake to Walmart while Binny Bansal selling part of it to the American retailer, the world’s wealthiest family has just bestowed billionaire status on two of India’s most feted tech entrepreneurs.Walmart Inc., controlled by the Walton family, led a group that bought a 77% stake in Flipkart Online Services Pvt.

The deal valued the Indian company at about $21 billion.Flipkart co-founders Binny and SachinBansal (who aren’t related) were both Inc. employees who quit to start their own e-commerce firm. Before the deal they each owned about 5% of the company’s annual return filed in Singapore.

The deal should give each a fortune of about $1 billion, although that status may be short-lived as the pair may have to pay 20% capital gains tax on any shares they sell in the company, tax experts say.

The deal also attracted the attention of Jeff Bezos, the richest person on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Amazon tried to take control of Flipkart with a competing offer but the board ultimately decided a deal with Walmart is more likely to win regulatory approval.

The pair have been billionaires before. Flipkart was valued at $16 billion in 2015, giving each Bansal a $1 billion stake at the time thanks to the 7.5% they each held. They lost that status as the firm’s valuation subsequently dipped. It was valued at about $12 billion last year, according to researcher CB Insights.

The Walton family can afford to pay a premium for Flipkart. The combined net worth of Alice, Jim, Rob, Lukas and Christy Walton is $146 billion, according to the Bloomberg ranking.

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