CRDJ Survey Rates Performance Of Govt To Be Just Above Average; Gadkari, Pradhan Top Performers


New Delhi: The annual perceptual survey on the performance of the Ministers of the NarendraModi government, conducted by the Centre for Reforms, Development & Justice, is out. And there isn’t much good news as performance of most of the Ministers have shown a downward trend with the exceptions of Petroleum Minister DharmendraPradhan, Highways Minister NitinGadkari and the Youth and I&B Minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

The survey is carried out through a method of holding discussions between the group members where performance of the ministers is discussed and their performance accordingly marked. The ratings could be at variance with the surveys carried out by analyzing much larger capsules.   

Coming back to the performance sheet, the efforts made by Pradhan is seen to be extra-ordinary especially given the fact that the petroleum sector is reeling under price rise crisis and the cost of petroleum products have reached an all-time high; but still he has managed to steer the government clear of the public blame for which the opposition has been pushing.

The other Minister who rates high in the eyes of public for his performance is NitinGadkari. With the highway building across the country gaining momentum, the memories of the AtalBihari Vajpayee era has been revived which saw building of several road networks.

The senior Ministers like SushmaSwaraj and Rajnath Singh continue to rate poorly completely overshadowed by the Prime Minster and his office. Finance Minister ArunJaitley despite some huge steps to break status quo and thus creating frictions has managed to hold to a reasonable rating. He could have done better with a better health condition.

The overall performance of the Ministers as a team on the scale of 100 could be rated to be 57, which is reasonable given that the economy is not doing too well and critical issues of unemployment and public safety remains unaddressed.

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