Yogi Adityanath hits back at his Karnataka counterpart on ‘Killing of Hindus’


New Delhi : Hitting back at his Karanataka counterpart, Siddaramaiah, the Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, has accused him for killing Hindus.

The UP, CM, who is supposed to be the saffron party’s star campaigner for upcoming assembly polls in Karanataka, has also blamed Congress, Chief, Rahul Gandhi, for provoking communal imbalances.

Over a minute video clip, which was posted on the BJP Uttar Pradesh’s Twitter on Saturday morning, also shows the pictures of 12 Hindus, who were killed over the past couple of years in Karnataka.

The voice over video info-graphics also reads that the Karnataka CM has siphoned away public exchequers.

Reiterating Siddaramaiah’s statements about the BJP leaders and Yogi Adityanath over the past few days, the post reads, "When questioned by Yogi, he (Siddaramaiah) termed himself a Hindu".

Meanwhile, Yogi Adityanath, through his video info-graphics, made a sharp attack on Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s incessant temple visits and use of ‘saffron’ towel during the recent assembly polls in Gujarat, the UP CM accused him of using religion to create communal rift in the country.

Terming Siddaramaiah’s five year tenure in futility, Yogi said, "Had you really worked even a bit in the last five years, the Congress’s 'Rajkunvar' (prince) would not need to make recipes,”.

The voice over info-graphics of the video clip also highlights 1002 cases of farmers’ suicide in Karnataka in the current finance year. 

Earlier, addressing a BJP rally in Bengaluru, the UP chief Minister had accused Siddaramaiah of intermixing religion and politics, thus following the footsteps of Congress president, Rahul Gandi, ahead of the Assembly polls in Gujarat.

In other hand Siddaramaiah termed Yogi’s governance in UP as a 'Jungle Raj'.

Praising Yogi’s ongoing social media war and Twitter skills, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had on Friday termed him as a "khiladi" (player).

Addressing the students in the premises of the Gautam Buddha University in Greater Noida on January 12, Modi had said that Aditynath had successfully challenged many "acche khiladi" (legendary players of the game).


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