To Curb Air Pollution It’s Time To Have Greenery At Home


New Delhi: For the last few days, the dense smog enveloping New Delhi has halted traffic on highways, forced schools to shut down and sent worried residents scurrying to buy air purifiers and masks. With deadly level of carcinogenic pollutants in this toxic haze being roughly 10 times the reading in Beijing (a city globally infamous for its polluted air), the situation in Delhi has been rightly called a major public health emergency by experts.

According to the World Health Organization, poor air quality causes seven million premature deaths every year, making it the planet’s largest single environmental health risk.This is why tackling air pollution has become a matter of utmost urgency for India. 

To help mitigate these dangerous consequences, it’s no wonder designers and engineers are all racing to come up with all kinds of air-purifying solutions, from smog-sucking towers (which rise to heights of 116 and 76 meters, contain more than 800 trees and 14,000 plants housed on steel-reinforced balconies) to moss-covered walls. 

Moss-covered walls— a mobile wall of moss that can clean as much polluted air as a small forest!A Berlin-based company, Green City Solutions, has developed this unique way to combat urban air pollution.

Called CityTree, this self-watering, self-monitoring and solar-powered piece of green technology mimics the action of 275 real trees to clean and cool air. However, it isn’t a tree at all – it’s a moss culture that efficiently binds particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ozone and carbon dioxide while producing valuable oxygen.

According to the creators, each CityTree is able to absorb around 250 grams of particulate matter a day (nearly 90 kg’s in a year) and removes about 240 metric tons of CO2 annually. The plant-based air filter also cools the surrounding air by water evaporation (up to 17 degrees Celsius within a five-metre radius) and is thus a space-saving way of combating urban heat islands.

Now, coming back to the story; In today's times, where cities lack gardens in order to make space for housing, where high rise buildings and space restrictions have taken away the garden from the houses, building a terrace garden with whatever area you have is the best solution to connect with nature and curb pollution.

With going green being the fad, the concept of green buildings/green roofs is already gaining acceptance in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. A Green roof is the practice of growing vegetation directly on a roof over waterproof membrane. Naturally, green roofs are being adopted by these cities buildings. State governments are also coming up with a green building code, which will make it mandatory to implement requirements like rainwater harvesting, vegetation, and so on, for which green roofs could be the solution.

In the last three decades, green roofs have become an important component for sustainable urban development. Their striking economic and ecological advantages, along with growing environmental awareness, have made them popular. At present, green roofs and rooftop gardens can be found in most big cities around the world, benefiting the urban environment and its inhabitants.

One other similar concept is Terrace gardening. It is kind of similar to vertical forest concept– where high-rise buildings covered with trees and plants – absorb carbon dioxide, filter dust from pollution and produce oxygen.

Concept of Terrace Gardening 

But the concept of terrace gardening is as old as the days of Babylon, but today it has a new meaning in India. The concept of ‘Garden City’ was developed in the year of 1995. Dr. B.N. Vishwanath, who has a doctoral degree in Agriculture Science and served as a Professor at the University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore dreamt of this and he was associated with agriculture related institutions and organizations.

When he realized that those who used to maintain garden in the neighbouring vacant sites were left helpless when buildings got erected one after the other, in 1995 he developed a garden on his terrace and conducted workshops to create awareness among people. 

Initially, the response to this innovative creation was not encouraging. In spite of ups and downs, the concept of terrace gardening has crystallized into a campaign in 2005. Involvement of youth in the effort facilitated expansion of its activities. Constant media reports aroused public interest. Consequently, participation in the workshops increased. Now, every month, many people receive basic training in gardening especially terrace gardening

And one such example is Studio Machaan. As they say, if you are enthusiastic about something, you will find a way to do it. Ar. ChiragBhatiaand his team did just that. His enthusiasm and interest in gardening and the natural way of living made him specialises in concept gardens, designer balconies, and terrific patios.

With almost no space left in the city for home gardens, Ar. Chirag Bhatia decided to take the yards up the elevator and into the balconies and terraces.  He explained when asked about Studio Machaan concept  that, “The very scenario in today’s world where green spaces are giving way to high rise concrete structures laid the foundation for the concept of Studio Machaan. We came up with this concept to bring back the lost essence of greenery and green spaces. The concept behind Studio Machaan is to provide a One Stop Solution to terrace garden needs.”

Under the guidance of Ar. ChiragBhatia,StudioMachaan,since 2015 is making it possible for urban set-ups to have beautifully designed terrace gardens and customised outdoor garden accessories, regardless of the available space. 

About how Terrace Gardening help to cure air pollution, Chirag explained that, “City dwellers today spend an average 90 per cent of their time indoors - but experts says that ‘bringing the outdoors inside’ can offer some benefits like it is well known that plants, a perennial gift from nature, can keep temperatures cool indoors and filter out fine dust particles and noise pollution from traffic below. They also reduce stress levels, improve mood and filter polluted air.

So, if the importance of green spaces are understood by people and they decide on giving due attention to having a green space at their house or office then surely it will be a weapon against the rising air pollution. The fight against air pollution has to start from us as we ourselves are the source and cause of rapid fall in air quality.”

Research has also proven that indoor plants can remove nearly 87 per cent of indoor pollutants, although this depends on the number and species. Research by the NASA scientist also claims certain plants placed indoors, such as Arecapalms, remove chemical toxins from the air. But it’s better to opt for plants that need less light and water and that don’t need their nutrients to be replenished as often.

Cycasrevoluta, or sago palm, which tolerates low light and dry conditions; Sansevieriatrifasciata, or snake plant, which can tolerate warm or cool conditions, water or drought, and sun or shade – it prefers warm, dry air, but is easy either way; Aglaonema, or Chinese evergreen, which can be largely ignored for long periods of time – cultivated in China, these plants have moved across the globe thanks to their sturdy survival instincts, and can eliminate toxins such as toluene and xylene; Beaucarneaguatemalensis, or ponytail palm, is very slow growing, so is unlikely to bolt on you, and is used to arid conditions; while the Zamioculcaszamiifolia, or Zanzibar gem, is drought-tolerant and thrives in low-lit spaces.

That doesn’t discount the use of the brighter coloured and conspicuous leafy plants; crotons, rubber plants, bamboo, orchids and ferns, to mention just a few, are equally welcome ¬indoors.

After that when asked what inspired him towards gardening, Chirag said, “People are losing space on the ground due to high rise constructions and builder floors coming up. What once was the beautiful bungalows of Lutyen’s Delhi are now turning out to be concrete jungles with floors and only parking space at ground. There are huge high rise structures, and large parking spaces but less of gardens and parks to get some fresh air. People are not left with any space to get some respite.  In such a scenario a beautifully designed terrace garden or a lawn will not only be a value addition to their houses but also give people a breath of fresh air, so why not use these spaces to their maximum capacity.”

Further, when asked is terrace gardening a similar concept like vertical forest adopted by few countries like china-which is a way of “giving back to nature the space we are taking from it”. He said, “The initiatives like vertical forest as adopted by China resonates the very concept of terrace gardens. Terrace garden and vertical forests / landscaping is the need of the hour; a breath of fresh air that pollution-choked cities desperately need today. Bangalore has also adopted the concept of vertical forest and on our part as terrace designers we would like to bring this concept to Delhi and urge others as well to bring this in the entire India.”

He also tells what exactly it cost to have a terrace garden. He said, “It is difficult to give a costing without understanding the requirements of the client but the exclusive spaces shall start from anything from 1000/-Sq.ft and go up till 3000/-. Sq. Ft. However this shall include a lot of garden elements and value additions.”

Lastly, giving suggestion to the Logical Indian Community, he said that, “It should start paying heed to the current scenario of rising air pollution rather than ignoring it like before or leaving the responsibility to the government. It’s about time that we listen to the cries of the nature and begin acting on it in whatever capacity we can.” 

He then suggested that, “Those who want to save themselves from air pollution can do so as there are several measures that can be taken to curb air pollution. Our government is taking concrete measures as a governing body. On the individual level we too can adopt some important measures and changes in our daily life like choosing car pool over individual cars, monitoring the methods in which quantity of hazardous gasses are released from factories. We as an individual unit can begin a campaign which would include planting trees in and around our vicinity. Opting for garden and developing terrace or balcony gardens is also a prominent measure of curbing air pollution.”

A Short Guide To Terrace Gardening:

1. Getting started – Get the right space

If a house is built as per the books and in the right way, anything can be grown on the terrace and it can take the weight of even bigger trees. You can also cover the entire surface with soil to make a lawn and experiment with it. In case you are covering the surface of the terrace with soil, make sure you water proof the surface to avoid any leakage into the home. If you are going for a regular terrace garden with pots, there are no extra efforts required.

2. How to get the right soil which is rich in nutrients

The right type of soil is very important as the nutrients decide the growth of the plant. The right mix of soil requires regular soil, compost coir peat (or sand) and vermicomposting in equal quantities.

3. Other important things to keep in mind

Watering regularly is a must. In summers, your garden requires watering twice a day. In winters you can just press the soil with the back of your hand to check the moisture and water accordingly. Another important thing is enough sunlight. The terrace garden should receive at least four to six hours of direct sunlight, and in areas where the sun is too harsh, people can use a shade to prevent the plants from getting scorched.

Green terraces are gradually becoming a regular feature especially in premium apartments priced between Rs. 75 lakh and Rs. 2 crore. The longevity of these roofs is no less than 3 to 5 decades and sometimes, even more. Especially in warmer countries like India, a well-irrigated green roof can provide greater energy savings compared to a cool roof or even an insulated roof.

Super-sized terraces with large semi-open spaces that can be used as sit-outs, private green spaces or party areas are the latest fancy. Having a terrace with additions like hanging creepers, drip irrigated gardens or even just a slanting roof with hanging plants is much-desired; where people can entertain their guests, breathe fresh, and exercise. It must be because Green roofs or ‘terrace gardens’ add to the aesthetics of a structure and at the same time can facilitate an efficient rain water harvesting system and recharge the ground water table. Green roofs benefit biodiversity, storm water management and reduce the heat island effect.

Overall, green roofs are a good investment for the future to curb pollution; everyone should have terrace gardening at their homes and although they are quite expensive, this way they are likely to become feasible and common.



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