Noida-Greater Noida Metro Corridor To Get Operational By May

Noida: Commuters will soon be able to transit through around 30 km long elevated metro corridor between twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida over a period of next six months as the DMRC (Delhi metro rail corporation) is near about completion of the project. It erected the last girder on Tuesday in Sector-143 in Noida to mark the completion of civil work.   

AlokTondan, Managing Director of Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC), said, “The civil work is completed and now are in process of starting the trial on the corridor from January next year.”


What Ails Gurugram's Affordable Housing Segment

The real estate market of Gurugram - previously called Gurgaon - is primarily known for its glitzy office buildings and luxury housing projects which accommodate the C Suite and upper management category buyers who work in these buildings. A fact that is not so often talked about is that Gurugram, like any other modern city, depends on the services of blue collar and even EWS category citizens to stay viable. Unfortunately, Gurugram's performance in terms of providing housing which is affordable to such people has been less than stellar in the past.


Noida Transport Nagar may finally see light of the day

Noida: Almost over a decade after the concept of Transport Nagar was tabled during one of the board meeting and was given go green single, Noida officials are now considering bringing out an allotment scheme for transporters and bus operators in the city.

AlokTandon, Chief Executive Officer cum Chairman of Noida, last week assured joint association of transporters and bus operators that his officers will work out to bring out a new scheme for allotments of developed plots to eligible applicants through draw of lots. He sought time of two weeks for finalizing the scheme after which it will be launched.  


Dakshinayana -- The Enduring Pull of the Southern Parts of Cities

Be it South Delhi, South Mumbai, South Chennai, South Kolkata or South Bangalore - the Southern parts of any metro city have always ranked at the top of that city's property pyramid. These precincts are generally seen as the most prime and posh residential destinations and have historically housed the Who’s Who of the city. If one wants to announce oneself or one's business socially, buying a home or opening an office in these parts has always been seen as a pretty good bet.


Young Couples Buying Home These Festivals? Here Is Some Advice

While the cosmetics market and its customers wrestle with new age-defying and age-reversing concepts and products, there is one market segment that has actually discovered the fountain of youth. Over the three decades, the grey has been gradually leaching out of the Indian home buyer's profile, leaving full heads of natural black hair and unwrinkled faces in its wake.

Gone are the days when only the elderly could or would buy homes on the back of their life savings. Thirty years ago, the typical Indian home buyer was invariably aged above 50 and cashed in his or her provident fund to finally make the dream of homeownership come true.