SVP Builders-Gulmohur Projects Has Buyers Protesting Against Delayed Possession, Bounced Penalty Cheques.


New Delhi: The buyers of flats from the SVP builders are an aggrieved lot due to its callous attitude in delivering/offering possessions of the flats.  The project where the residents have booked their flats – Krishna Garden and Gulmohar Garden Phase II dates back to 2009-2010. However, the project is still far from completion.


Whenever an allottee who gets the offer of possession letter is bombarded with some unwarranted charges. Not only this, the builder changed the building plans and got the same approved from the GDA fraudulently without obtaining the consent of the stakeholders/buyers.  This builder has also gone back on agreements signed with the buyers and is openly flouting the terms and conditions of the agreement, said a press release from Raj Nagar Extension Social Welfare Association.


According to Saurabh Suri, the SVP Builders have committed following defaults:

1. Superfluous demands relating to metro cess and elevated road charges.  Also, there are two types of amount an allottee has to pay for metro cess – i.e. Rs.15/- psf  if paid within 15 days of demand or Rs.35/- psf after the 15 days.  This he is doing entirely on his whims and fancies.

2. Illegally adjusting the above cess charges against the penalty he has to pay to allottee on account of delayed possession.  No receipt is being given for above cess charges paid by the allottees, which is a financial bungling.

3. Offering the offer of possession without obtaining the mandatory Completion & Occupancy Certificates from the concerned government authorities.  Due to unavailability of CC & OC, buyers have to shell out extra 12% on account of GST.

4. Erecting mechanical hydraulic parking inside the periphery of the project, thus depriving the open parking that he has agreed to in the agreement and for which substantial amount has been taken by him from the prospective buyers.

5. Public amenities like, Swimming Pool, Club House, though specifically charged from each buyer are not being made available.

6. Inordinate delay in offering possession and not honouring the penalty clause, and, whereas though he has given post-dated cheques on account of penalty for delay in possession, these cheques have bounced in most of the cases.

7. For delayed payments he is charging 18% interest and himself not paying penalty charges as mandated by RERA.

8. Builder and its staff is very arrogant and they just do not attend to buyers for any of their above problems.

In view of the above, the buyers association held a dharna at the office of the builder – SVP Builder, 17 Kiran Enclave, Ghaziabad on October 20 at 1 PM. The builder failed to provide any solution.


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