Noida CEO’s Assurance Fails To Make Amrapali Home Buyers End Protest


Noida: Two days after a home buyer reported fell sick while protesting outside corporate office of reality major Amrapali, Amit Mohan Prasad, chief executive officer of Noida, reached out to hundreds of home-buyers on Thursday. He visited the protest venue to appeal them for ending the protest.

He has told home buyers that they have been protesting since last many days and the issues were in their notice. The government has also noted their grievances and they were working on finding ways to solve these problems. He said, “You should end the protest as the authority and government are serious to your issues,” he said. 

But this assurance even by top brass of Noida failed to make home buyers to agree to end the indefinite protest. Aggrieved home buyers poured him with few difficult questions. Home buyers said that they will end the protest if Noida official (Amit Mohan Prasad) gives an assurance in writing that buyers’ investments were safe even if the housing project developing company was declared bankrupt. They said that they would end the protest only when they are given assurance in writing.

Responding to their this question, Prasad said that he will put this demand before the high-power ministers’ committee, which was appointed by chief minister Yogi Adityanath for studying the home buyers and builders’ issues and find a way out. He said he will respond according to decision taken in the high power committee. The committee’s visit has been scheduled for September 14. 

This assurance failed to make the home buyers agree for ending the protest as they have been demanding assurance in writing from day one since when they have started protest on August 13. Home buyers said to CEO that they won’t end the protest before the officer or government gives them in writing.

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