Vidya Balan Says'Tumhari Sulu' Proved Married Actresses Can Score A Hit

New Delhi: Actor VidyaBalan has saidthe success of 'Tumhari Sulu'has proved that married actresses are capable of scoring hits.

Vidya said for someone like her, who considers acting as important as personal life, the praise the movie is receiving is a major confidence booster.
In an interview, Vidya said, "There was a point I started believing that may be a married actress can't score a hit. But the love 'Tumhari Sulu' is getting has proved it wrong."


Madhuri Dixit Says Deepika Carries Historic Roles Beautifully

New Delhi: ActorMadhuri Dixit has called Deepika Padukone among her favourites, saying the actor is a natural fit in historic characters.

Deepika has been mired into a huge controversy regarding her latest period drama, "Padmavati", where she plays Rajput queen Padmini.

Various fringe and political groups have raised objection at the portrayal of the Rajasthani queen in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed film. Deepika and Bhansali were even subjected to death threats a few weeks ago regarding the film.


Zaira Wasim Breaks Down In Instagram Video After Harassment On Flight

New Delhi:17-year-old actressZairaWasimhas alleged that a middle-aged man sitting behind her on flight tried to molest her. She shared the ordeal she had to go through en route Mumbai in the flight in an Instagram story.

Reportedly, the man was caressing her neck while she was asleep. She tried to record what the man was doing, but failed due to dim lights.

She, however, managed to get a screenshot of the man's activities on the flight to some extent.


Shahid Kapoor Says Creative People Shouldn't Be Scared

New Delhi: Actor ShahidKapoorhas said creative people should not be scared as art does not come from a space of fear.  
Asked if he would feel scared in the future to take up another period film after Padmavati controversy, Shahid told reporters, "'Udta Punjab' was not a period film,there was so much controversy around it. I don't think scared is the right word. I don't think creative people should be scared, because you can't create if you are constricted.

You can't create unless you feel liberated and open, and I think art is a reflection of society at large." 


We Have More Sports Films Than Medals: Anurag Kashyap

New Delhi: Filmmaker AnuragKashyap has said his upcoming movie "Mukkabaaz" comes from the "irony" and the "sad situation" that the country has more sports films than medals.

The film chronicles the story of a boxer from Uttar Pradesh, Shravan Singh (Vineet Kumar Singh), who falls in love with a Brahmin girl. Things take a turn when he lands a punch to the head of the boxing federation and politician-gangster, Bhagwan Das, played by Jimmy Shergill.
The film then sets out on the journey of the underdog who fights corrupt system, deep-rooted casteism and societal pressure for his boxing dreams and love.