Good News To Pair Akshay Kumar With His Kambakkht Ishq Star Kareena Kapoor Khan


New Delhi: Akshay Kumar is all set to return to the genre which established him with Good News and Housefull 4. Good News will pair him with his Kambakkht Ishq star Kareena Kapoor Khan. Akshay has been making films based on patriotic themes for the last couple of years. Yes, there has been a Housefull 3 in between but the bulk of his choices have touched upon issues like terrorism and social evils.

While shooting for Housefull 4 is over, Good News is commenced work. Sharing the news were the film’s actors, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. The duo took to their respective Instagram handles to share two posts, where they make the announcement.

In one of the video clips, Kiara and Diljit stand on the side of a car with a placard in Kiara’s hand. Soon Diljit asks where all the members are. He has a checklist of names in his hands; as he takes the names of crew of the film, he also ticks the name off the register. Director Raj Mehta is spotted, but other members are still to join in.

He remind Kiara that Akshay doesn’t like people getting late. Finally, Diljit addresses Akshay (not in frame) and says that everyone is ready and in time and that he is being missed. Kiara chimes in, addressing Kareena and saying the same. They both announce that the shooting of Good News has started.

Good News is a hilarious family drama where Akshay and Kareena play a married couple, trying for a baby. Diljit and Kiara play a Punjabi couple, trying for a baby too. The film is being directed by Raj Mehta and is a Dharma Production.

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