Tanushree Dutta Denies Having Received Any Legal Notice From Nana Patekar


New Delhi: A day after Nana Patekar’s lawyer was quoted in the media stating that a legal notice has been sent, Tanushree Dutta denied that she received any legal notice from him. In a statement, Tanushree said: “I have not received any notice. These threats are put forth so that others like me would be scared to come forward. Anyone with a similar experience who comes forward should not worry about such intimidation tactics. The whole nation will support them. There are big media houses standing in solidarity with this movement. It is an excellent time to take these remorseless men to task and send a strong message across. Harassment cases are taken lightly in our society but when given a free pass, over time they become endemic and lead to extreme cases like mine, ending in mob violence.”

Tanushree mentioned that she was putting together a “team of lawyers and advocates” to defend herself. She has also been speaking continuously about the case, her ordeal and how the film industry has responded to the issue. While many younger stars have come out in support, many others have chosen to stay mum, a fact that has disappointed her immensely. In a no-holds-barred interview to Times of India, the actor said that the silence could be attributed to the fear, many powerful men in the industry feel, that their dark secrets may come out too.

“You lose confidence in the fraternity. Today people are coming forward, but even the silence of some of these biggies is deafening. Are they afraid some of their dark secrets will also be revealed id they come out? You can judge the kind of people who have come out in support. You can tell their character. The ones who don’t come out have got much to hide. That’s why they don’t want to comment. They want just to pretend and wish it to go away. But it isn’t going anywhere,” she said.

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